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    16 year old Isha Rajguru was admitted for complete body paralyses. Right medical treatment brought Isha back on feet in just 3 days.

    16year old Isha Rajguru relieved from complete paralyses in 3 days
  • -Avani Atul Nakate

    Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai recently treated a nine-year-old, Avani Nakate from Solapur, Maharashtra with Paediatric Liver Transplant.

    9-year-old receives a life-saving Liver Transplant at Global Hospital
  • -Vijay Soman

    A 57-year-old man receives a successful lung transplant in just 12 hours at Gleneagles Hospital Parel, Mumbai!

    A 57-year-old man gets new Lungs in 12 hour Lung Transplant
  • -Hitesh Dhokad

    In June 2021, Hitesh Dhokad, 45 years old, a patient from Mumbai was brought to Global Hospital, Parel, Mumbai as his liver health was in critical condition.

    A new lease to Hitesh Dhokad who suffered from Acute Liver Failure
  • Jagdish Patel

    This truly heartwarming story of Liver Transplant Surgery serves as an inspiration to many and proves that there is nothing that love cannot conquer!

    A successful Liver transplant has saved my life
  • Swami

    The Neurosurgery team did an amazing job! Thanks to their care and expertise.

    After just two days from my surgery, I was back on my feet and doing my usual activities.

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