• Clear Vision and New Horizons: Successful Recovery After Orbital Atherectomy
  • MUM Harishandra Maharaj Thumbanil

    Shrimahant Harishanadgiri Maharaj from Trimbak, Nashik, came to Global Hospital 3 months back with a hand injury due to an accident.

    Complete Recovery After Hand Reconstructive Surgery | Global Hospitals, Parel, Mumbai
  • DBS Thumbnail

    59 years old, Mr Uttam G. Dhulla started showing signs of the disease in 2003. Underwent Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery with expert team with Dr Naren Nayak.

    DBS Surgery Changed My Life | Global Hospitals, Parel Mumbai
  • Sulabha Tele Thumbnail

    68-year-old Mrs. Sulabha Tele from Pune was suffering from very severe hand tremors for the past 8 years. Mrs. Sulabha Tele was offered thalamic Deep Brain Stimulation.

    Deep Brain Stimulation treats patient with essential tremor
  • Perpetual K Dias’ Thumbnail

    50-year-old Mrs Perpetual K Dias started showing signs of Parkinson’s disease. Under the advice of our expert, Mrs Dias underwent Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery.

    Deep-Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery Provides Life-Changing Results for Parkinson’s Patient
  • Stanley

    Despite a rare spine tumor making my case challenging, the neurosurgery doctors and physiotherapy team's unwavering hope brought me from paralysis to walking again.

    Despite my paralysis, the healthcare professionals never lost faith. Their hope is what made walking again possible for me.

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