• Successful recovery after robotic thyroidectomy surgery
  • -Vijay Shinde

    Hear Mrs. Vaishali Shinde’s inspiring story that speaks to the importance of high-quality neurological care and its potential to save lives.

    The Tale of Vaishali Shinde Triumph Over Brain Hemorrhage
  • Thumbnail_Rani Bai

    This hospital excels in providing comprehensive services, and all staff members are consistently helpful and supportive.

    The doctor's guidance instilled in me the strength and assurance to triumph over any health obstacle
    Kidney Transplantation
  • Thumbnail

    The hospital's Neurosurgery team provided expert care and unwavering support, guiding me through surgery and helping me regain mobility.

    The doctors' reassuring words gave me the courage to proceed with surgery, and I was able to walk again
  • Ramu

    Grateful for the skilled neurosurgery team who guided me through a challenging procedure while semi-conscious. Your expertise and care are unmatched.

    The experience of undergoing surgery while in a state of semi-consciousness was truly challenging but the doctors did an amazing work
  • Thumbnail - Timmaraju K

    Watch this video and hear about our patient's journey and experience at Aware Gleneagles Global Hospitals, L B Nagar.

    Tremendous improvement in my father's health after Angioplasty

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