• Swami

    The Neurosurgery team did an amazing job! Thanks to their care and expertise.

    After just two days from my surgery, I was back on my feet and doing my usual activities.
  • Mahesh

    Despite my fear of surgery, the ENT team and the healthcare professionals reassured me, and today I am happy to be fully recovered.

    After suffering from constant headaches and difficulty in breathing, I finally got relief with the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • -Mahera Multani

    Underwent a successful liver transplant with her mother as the donor – 14-year-old Multani Mahera is living proof that liver transplants can be life-saving!

    An Inspiring Liver Transplant Story
  • An inspiring story of an auto immune DCLD patient's life-changing paediatric liver transplant
  • Jitendra Belgaonkar

    Loved ones and family members of Jitendra Belgaonkar from Nashik felt relieved after Jitendra underwent a successful Living Donor Liver Transplant at Gleneagles Hospital.

    An overweight patient underwent a successful Liver Transplant
  • Heart Transplant

    Mr Kiran's heart functioned at just 20%, leaving him with little hope. A heart transplant transformed his life, and now he's a happy man living life to the fullest.

    Appreciation to the Heart Transplant Team for Transforming Lives

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