• Narayana

    It was the exceptional care and expertise of the Critical Care team, offering hope and support even in most challenging times.

    Despite my pneumonia getting worse, the doctors offered me hope for a recovery and getting my life back on track
  • Praveen

    The Neurosurgery team excels in providing exceptional service. With expertise and compassion, they work together seamlessly to ensure each patient receives top-tier care.

    Don't be afraid of surgery; with the right support and guidance, you can overcome it and come out stronger.
  • Sayyad Karim

    After being diagnosed with Liver cancer, doctors said to them that the final option for him was a liver transplant procedure.

    Goa to Mumbai! A successfull liver transplant journey
  • -Dhaval

    Mr Dhaval Shah, 37 years old, had a cardiac arrest, Dr Praveen Kulkarni and the medical team diagnosed and performed an emergency angioplasty and it was successful.

    Heart Attack Survivor Makes Miraculous Recovery | Global Hospital Parel Mumbai
  • Clarissa D'Mello - Thumbnail

    Always consult with your doctor before taking any herbal remedies or supplements because they sometimes cause poisoning, which can be fatal in some cases.

    Lead Poisoning Through Supplements : A Rare Occurrence
  • Pawan Saad

    Watch the video to learn more about Liver transplants and be inspired by Bhotik’s story. Let’s all come together to spread awareness about organ donation.

    Life transplant saves the life of my lil champ

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