• Perpetual K Dias’ Thumbnail

    50-year-old Mrs Perpetual K Dias started showing signs of Parkinson’s disease. Under the advice of our expert, Mrs Dias underwent Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) surgery.

    Deep-Brain Stimulation (DBS) Surgery Provides Life-Changing Results for Parkinson’s Patient
  • Stanley

    Despite a rare spine tumor making my case challenging, the neurosurgery doctors and physiotherapy team's unwavering hope brought me from paralysis to walking again.

    Despite my paralysis, the healthcare professionals never lost faith. Their hope is what made walking again possible for me.
  • Narayana

    It was the exceptional care and expertise of the Critical Care team, offering hope and support even in most challenging times.

    Despite my pneumonia getting worse, the doctors offered me hope for a recovery and getting my life back on track
  • Praveen

    The Neurosurgery team excels in providing exceptional service. With expertise and compassion, they work together seamlessly to ensure each patient receives top-tier care.

    Don't be afraid of surgery; with the right support and guidance, you can overcome it and come out stronger.
  • Mahalakshmi_Thumbnail

    I am satisfied with the expertise of the neuroscience team! My surgery couldn't have been in better hands.

    Exceptional Care by Neuroscience team
  • Thumbnail foster

    From trauma to triumph: Foster Nyireda's recovery from electrical burns under Dr. Nilesh Satbhai at Gleneagles Hospital. Timely expert care saves lives.

    From Trauma to Triumph- Foster's Journey to full recovery after Electrical Burns

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