World Heart Day 2021


The hospital staff launches a social media campaign spreading awareness about heart illness in a “filmy style”

BGS Gleneagles Hospital today launches World Heart Day 2021 event, with an aim to spread awareness about cardiac health and early screening at the hospital premises. The event was planned and chaired by the expert team of cardiologists, inviting all the successfully recovered patients and the general masses from the nearby communities and institutions including BGS GIMS, to voice the need of early diagnosis at the treatable stage. The event was inaugurated by the esteemed Chief guests, Sri Sri Dr Prakashnath Swamiji, MD, BGS & SJD group of institutions and Hospitals and the guest of honor, Dr ME Mohan, principle, BGS GIMS. The event was attended by 300 plus people making this occasion an absolute success.

The objective behind the event was to encourage early screening to check the level of blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. In most cases people suffering from both high BP and cholesterol doesn’t show evident signs, causing the diseases getting undetected. As part of the event, the staff also provided screening packages at a subsidized cost to encourage early diagnosis.

Dr Ravindranath Reddy, Senior Consultant, Interventional Cardiologist, BGS Gleneagles Hospital said “We have been observing the spike in cases of heart attacks in younger and middle-aged population caused due to adopting unhealthy lifestyle such as lack of sleep, alcohol, consuming supplements, over exercise, stress due to work etc. Some people presume healthy lifestyle with strict diets and over exercise as that may cause more harm to the health. Instead, routine exercise 5 times a day, brisk walking, healthy diet, and mediation can help balance the mind and the body.”

Dr Raghavendrra Chikkatoor, HOD and senior cardiothoracic surgeon said, "These 2 years of pandemic has not only hampered, adequate care for heart patients but have noticed the spike in cases of heart illness among younger population, due to living a sedentary lifestyle. Some of the most prominent causes of premature heart attacks among younger population is due to mental and physical stress. Excess amount of stress and lack of body movement triggers high blood pressure in people and such populations are prone to suffer from diabetes. These risk factors must be dealt immediately with routine tests, frequent exercises and yoga which can help in combatting stress level."

The event was successfully spear headed by Dr Ravindranath Reddy, senior consultant, interventional cardiologist, Dr Raghavendrra Chikkatoor, HOD and senior cardiothoracic surgeon with an extended support from other doctors, nurses and staff members.

The occasion was concluded by releasing heart shaped balloons filled with helium gas by the chief guest as a gesture to spread awareness about CVD in the society.

Also, as part of the event, and a bid to spread the awareness, BGS Gleneagles Hospital launched a social media campaign, by using “filmy punches” to promote preventive cardiac health checks. The campaign revolves around the innovative ways to help people connect to heart health. This was based on this year’s theme suggested by World Heart Federation, by using the power of digital health to improve awareness, prevention, and management of CVD globally.

Sandeep Kumar, Chief Executive Officer, BGS Gleneagles Hospital said,“The idea behind merging filmy dialogues with heart health for the social media campaign was done merely to grab attention of both the older and younger generations and add a tint of humor to spread the message.”

“We hope the present and the upcoming generations will take this message into an account and undergo routine checkups to avoid last minute complications.”

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