Gleneagles Hospitals Bengaluru Sets Record with Clean Hands Save Lives Campaign

Bengaluru, Kengeri

Gleneagles Hospitals Bengaluru concluded its groundbreaking Clean Hands Save Lives campaign with a triumphant grand finale at ISKCON Vaikuntha Hill, Kanakapura Road. This landmark event marked the culmination of a transformative 5-month journey, uniting the community in prioritizing hand hygiene for a healthier future. At the pinnacle of the Clean Hands Save Lives campaign, over 10,000 students gathered on 22nd November, 2023 to demonstrate the essential hand hygiene steps, symbolizing a unified commitment to better health practices.

The Clean Hands Save Lives campaign, initiated in response to a concerning decline in hand hygiene practices, evolved into a city-wide movement engaging with 55 schools and educating over 80,000 students on crucial hand hygiene practices since its inception on June 21, 2023. In collaboration with Rotary Bengaluru Gnanakshi Club and Rotary District 3191, the campaign aimed to instill the habit of regular hand cleaning and sanitization among children, transcending beyond pandemic situations.

This monumental achievement was preceded by 21 Assembly Sessions, involving 6 steps of hand hygiene, 100 volunteers, and the active participation of 55 schools, 5,000+ teachers, and 80,000+ students, along with the support of 1,25,000+ parents. The campaign emerged as a transformative movement, educating the youth on essential hand hygiene practices and establishing a powerful connection with the community.

Dr Prem Kumar Nair, Group CEO of IHH Healthcare, stated, "This is more than a massive record-setting endeavor. We are here to send a powerful message to the world about the importance of hand hygiene in our daily lives. As a global healthcare network, IHH aspires to Care. For Good. Through public outreach campaigns such as Clean Hands Save Lives, we contribute actively to the health and well-being of our community, doing our part to build a healthier world, one hand at a time.

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