Teal to Heal Together: Empowering 60 Lakh+ Women with Cervical Cancer Awareness

Bengaluru, Kengeri

In a concerted effort to combat cervical cancer and educate women about its preventable nature, the "Teal to Heal Together" initiative by Gleneagles Hospital, Kengeri launched on 24th January, 2024 by the ambasadors of the campaign - Principals from various educational institutions, esteemed doctors, and dedicated healthcare professionals. This mission has united communities in the crucial task of spreading awareness about cervical cancer detection and prevention through HPV vaccination.

From January to March, our dedicated team of doctors and professionals embarked on a proactive outreach of over 60 Lakh women by conducting talks and webinars in educational institutions, neighborhood communities, and workplaces. Through these engaging sessions, we endeavored to spread awareness about cervical cancer detection and prevention, reaching out to women across Bengaluru and empowering them with crucial knowledge about their health.

As the grand finale approaches, the "Teal to Heal Together" initiative culminates in a spectacular Women's health Carnival. This event promises an array of attractions, including handlooms, accessories, live performances, mehendi art, and creative crafts. With something to delight everyone, the carnival serves as a celebration of health, unity, and the collective strength of women in the fight against cervical cancer.


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