Samskruthi - Nursing Care & IHH Service Excellence 2023

Cultural program
Bengaluru, Kengeri

Gleneagle’s Hospital has always been synonymous with excellence in healthcare. It is a place where compassion and care come together to create a healing environment for patients. On 6th May, we celebrated the dedication of Samskruthi – Nursing Care & Customer Service Excellence 2023, which encapsulates our cultural diversity, compassion, and care values. This occasion was a moment of pride for all of us at GGH, and we marked the event with great joy and appreciation.

The guest of honour of the event was our former colleagues who have played an integral part in the growth of Gleneagles Hospital, making it a true celebration of our success. We were delighted to present prestigious awards, such as the IHH Star Value Award, 5 UPs, Nurses Patient Safety Awareness Award, and IHH Service Week Award, and witness dazzling dance performances. This occasion was a testament to the enduring legacy of GGH, and we look forward to continuing our journey of excellence and compassion.

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