60 Seconds Healthy Heart Challenge

heart challenge

About the Challenge:

BGS Gleneagles Hospital presents the healthy heart challenge, a campaign aiming to focus on the cardiac health of the community and spread awareness about the same. It is crucial for everyone to understand the importance of cardiac health. Considering today’s lifestyle, everyone is susceptible to heart problems with advancing age. Regular check-ups help detect problems early and seek effective treatment. Ignoring your cardiac health & avoiding regular check-ups could lead to possible fatalities. This challenge is just one of the ways to determine if your heart is healthy.

Importance of Cardiac Health amidst the pandemic:

With the rise in number of COVID-19 cases, most people, who are not front line workers, are encouraged to stay at home and work from home. This reduces the amount of physical activity that might impact ones cardiac health. Through this challenge, we want to encourage people to do some simple cardio exercises at home that will help in increasing their endurance and keep them healthy.

How healthy is your heart? Take up the 60 seconds Healthy Heart Challenge and see for yourself.




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