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Urology and Urogynaecology

Urology is the branch of medical science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases associated with the urinary tract of both men and women. Within Urology, some of the specialized fields include:

  • Female Urology: The field focuses on conditions related to women's urinary tract.
  • Male Urology: The field focuses on conditions related to men's reproductive and urinary tract.
  • Neurourology: Focuses on urinary problems related to the nervous system.
  • Pediatric Urology: Treats urinary problems in children.
  • Urologic Oncology: Focuses on treating cancers of the urinary system.

When to See a Urologist?

Urologists can help you with the below-mentioned diseases:

  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs): You must see a urologist if you notice symptoms such as pain during urination, frequent urination, nausea, vomiting, and fever or blood in the urine.
  • Incontinence: Urinary Incontinence is when you can't hold your urine. The causes for this can be varied, and it is best to get yourself checked.
  • Chronic Kidney Disease: Chronic Kidney disease can result due to various causes, including hypertension, diabetes, drug-induced, or inflammation of the kidneys. In some cases, it can lead to significant kidney failure needing dialysis/transplant. Kidney disease commonly is asymptomatic but can present with ankle swelling, tiredness, or breathlessness.
  • Certain Cancers: Urologists are specialized to treat cancers occurring in the urinary bladder, kidneys, prostate gland, testicles, penis and adrenal glands. These cancers may present with blood in the urine, loin pain, poor flow of urine and sometimes back pain or a palpable lump.
  • Male Infertility & Erectile Dysfunction: In 50 per cent of couples with infertility, the cause lies with the man. And it is important that all infertile couples should see a urologist first.
  • Erectile Dysfunction: As erectile dysfunction is often a sign of an underlying disease, it is always good to get yourself checked, even if you do not wish to have treatment for ED.
  • Prostatitis: It is a condition that causes painful urination or ejaculation that result from infection or inflammation of the prostate. It can also cause pain in the lower back or testicles.
  • Kidney and Ureteral Stones: Kidney stones are hard, crystalized deposits that form from minerals in the body. When these stones make their way down the ureters, they are called ureteric stones. Kidney Stones can be asymptomatic or cause loin pain and blood in the urine. When the stone drops into the ureter, it causes severe pain and needs urgent intervention.
  • Cryptorchidism (Undescended Testes): Testicles form inside the abdomen of the fetus and then descend into the scrotum before or immediately after birth. When this natural process is unfinished, the condition is called cryptorchidism and can have an impact on sperm production and lead to other complications. If you suspect your child to have this condition, please see a urologist.
  • Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH): Benign prostatic hyperplasia, or simply enlarged prostate, is a condition that affects 1 in 3 men over the age of 50. The condition results from overgrown cells in the prostate gland that leads to constriction of the urethra (urine pipe), leading to urinary symptoms like poor, intermittent flow and having to frequently wake up at night to pass urine. If left untreated, it can lead to several complications.

Why BGS Gleneagles?

BGS Gleneagles Hospital's Department of Urology houses some of the best urologists in Bangalore. All our doctors are highly trained with a supreme knowledge of their field and impeccable skills. When in their hands, you can expect the best treatment for your condition. All our urologists ensure that they chart the most efficient and fully-tailored treatment plan for you based on your health needs.

Our department has high tech equipment with cutting-edge technology and world-class infrastructure to support our experts and help them get the best, most successful results. In addition, we also have a team of highly trained support staff to back our experts and ensure that our patients are well taken care of.

Our Doctors: Best Urologist In Bangalore

At BGS Gleneagles Hospital's urology department, you will find the best urologists with the highest qualifications and training. Many of our experts are internationally trained and have several years of experience. Our experts ensure that they take enough time to understand the patient's condition thoroughly and plan a treatment regimen based on their health needs and condition. Such a simple patient-centric approach makes BGS Gleneagles Hospital one of the best urology hospitals in Bangalore.

To get in touch with some of the top urologists in Bangalore, visit: https://www.gleneagleshospitals.co.in/book-an-appointment

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who is a urologist?

Urologists are medical professionals who specialize in treating diseases and conditions that affect the urinary tract.

What conditions does a urologist treat?

Urologists treat conditions related to the urinary tract and reproductive system. Some of the most common conditions treated by urologists include urinary tract infections (UTIs), certain cancers, incontinence, kidney diseases, prostatitis, interstitial cystitis, etc.

Who is the best urologist in Bangalore?

BGS Gleneagles Hospitals has some of the best urologists in Bangalore. You can visit our website and check the profiles of the top urologists.

What are the symptoms I must look out for?

Some of the common symptoms indicating urological conditions include painful urination, blood in urine, difficulty urinating or chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs).


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