Is our metabolism faster in winters? Why do some of us gain weight in winters then?

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Cold wave | There is a marginal increase in our metabolism in the winter months as the body works harder to stay warm. This can trigger cravings for rich foods or more food. However, eating indiscriminately and exercising less can lead to unwanted weight gain.

Your metabolic rate is the highest when you wake up and slows down as the day draws to a close. But does the nip in the air spell a speedier metabolism? Especially as we tend to feel hungry and like to munch on something almost all the time during winter? Are there things to keep in mind, even as much of north India is going through a severe cold wave?

Why do we crave calorie-rich foods in winter?

“The changing seasons have a great impact on the processes of the body, including digestion and metabolism. As the temperature drops, we begin to naturally crave heartier, calorie-dense foods to provide warmth and energy. This can lead to an increase in overall calorie consumption and potentially contribute to weight gain if not managed carefully,” says Dr Manjusha Agarwal, senior consultant, internal medicine, Gleneagles Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.

“In the summer months, higher temperatures can lead to decreased appetite as our bodies expend less energy staying cool. This can result in a decrease in overall calorie intake and potentially impact metabolism. The availability of fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer months can have a positive effect on digestion due to their high fibre content,” she says.


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