This Is How Patients with Respiratory Illnesses Should Take Care During the Lockdown

This Is How Patients with Respiratory Illnesses Should Take Care During the Lockdown
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Are you suffering from any Respiratory problems? Then, it is time for you to stay safe and healthy by taking the necessary precautions. Here we list down things you must do to take care of your Lungs and keep them healthy.

Coronaviruses can be described as a large family of viruses that are commonly seen in people as well as animals. They cause Respiratory Diseases and in serious cases can lead to Pneumonia as well. The listed symptoms are fever, cough and shortness of breath. Coronavirus has become a matter of global concern as the entire world is reeling under it. There is also a steep rise in the number of patients suffering from Coronavirus in India. The current lockdown is to curb the spread of the infection.

People having comorbidities such as Diabetes, Heart conditions or any other diseases have been termed as ‘High-risk category,’ who may get sick due to Coronavirus. Likewise, those with Respiratory illnesses should also be extra cautious.

Follow these guidelines to keep your Lungs in top shape

  • Wash your hands frequently with soap and water.
  • Cover your mouth and nose while coughing or sneezing. You can cover it with the inside of your elbow if you are not carrying a handkerchief so that your palms are not soiled with secretions. Also, if you use tissues to cough or sneeze then dispose them of properly.
  • Do not spit anywhere. If you see anyone doing it please educate them against it.
  • The quarantine of a healthy person is to save others.
  • The virus stays alive on metallic or other surfaces for more than a week and can spread by touching these surfaces. Thus, after touching such surfaces always wash your hands with soap and water. Avoid touching your face/mouth/nose with the same hands after touching surfaces to avoid transmission of the virus into your Respiratory system. Also, maintain social distancing at home and limit visitors at home. Avoid coming in contact with people who are sick.
  • Keep your house clean and disinfect surfaces and items that you use at home.
  • Take the medication prescribed by the doctor and see to it that you also stock them up.
  • Do breathing exercises regularly. This can help clear mucus from the Lungs and also lowers the risk of a flare-up. Avoid dust, allergens and pollutants.
  • Eat Lung-friendly foods: Swearing a healthy diet can be good for your Lungs. Eat apples, foods jam-packed with omega-3 fatty acids such as walnuts, and broccoli that are rich in antioxidants and good for the Lungs. Beans can help fight free radicals that tend to damage your Lungs. Likewise, berries are dense in antioxidants and helpful for your Lungs. Foods such as papaya, pineapple, kiwi, cabbage, carrots, turmeric and ginger can help strengthen the Immune System. Honey can help suppress the cough. Also, drink a lot of water as dry Lungs can lead to irritation.
  • Exercise daily to maintain optimum weight and opt for relaxation techniques such as yoga or meditation.
  • Steam helps break up mucus so you can expel it more easily. So, take it regularly and also gargle with salt water.
  • Avoid smoking or second-hand smoke and wear a mask.


Dr Sameer Garde,

Pulmonologist, Gleneagles Hospital Mumbai

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author. They do not reflect the opinions or views of the organisation.


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