What Exactly Causes Death After Being Infected With Coronavirus?

What Exactly Causes Death After Being Infected With Coronavirus

COVID-19 is rising like a demon that’s marching around the world and setting destruction. The death toll and the number of people being infected are increasing day by day. We do not have any vaccination or medication to treat this disease, nor do we have well-researched studies for anything as yet. All we have is first-hand experiences of doctors and health-care professionals who are dealing with these patients.

The death toll across the world due to COVID-19 has crossed one lakh now. The virus is said to be severe in the ones with low immunity and those with any underlying condition. Is low immunity what’s killing people who are infected with Coronavirus? There are a lot of aspects to be considered when it comes to mortality.

The major reasons for death in COVID-19 patients so far have been ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) and Myocarditis.

ARDS is closely related to Pneumonia. There is inflammation in the Lungs. The person with this condition cannot breathe and has to be supported by a ventilator. If the swallowing goes away the conditions are stable and the person can survive. Since the Coronavirus affects the Lungs, the infected patients are highly susceptible to ARDS.

Another cause of death in patients affected by the Coronavirus is Myocarditis. It is an inflammation in the Heart muscles and affects your Heart’s electrical system, reducing its ability to pump and causing Arrhythmias (Rapid Abnormal Heart Rhythms). There are a few symptoms of COVID-19 that match with those of Myocarditis like - shortness of breath, fatigue, body and joint pain, fever, sore throat, and Diarrhoea. These symptoms could perhaps be because of the presence of Myocarditis, but since there are no studies yet, we cannot make a claim. However, the fact that Myocarditis is the cause of death in COVID-19 patients is true.

People with Heart conditions have weak immunity. When they show any symptoms indicating complications in their existing conditions, they are afraid to visit the hospital as they think they might get infected by the virus. They are hiding things from their families and doctors. This way they are putting themselves in more danger. So, I request that if you have any distress related to your condition or if you are showcasing any symptoms you think are related to COVID-19, please consult your doctor if you do not want to visit the hospital. It is for your safety.


Dr M Sai Sudhakar

Director - Cath lab Chief Interventional Cardiologist Chief Cardiac Transplant Physician, Gleneagles Global Hospital, Lakdikapul

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article belong solely to the author. They do not reflect the opinions or views of the organisation.


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