Is COVID-19 Vaccination Safe For Patients With Cardiovascular Disease Or Heart Problems?

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Vaccination is regarded as the best defence against infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, making it especially important for those at a high risk of severe COVID infection. As patients suffering from cardiovascular or heart disease fall into this category, it is advisable for them to get vaccinated as soon as possible to lower the risk of infection.

According to a Cardiological Society of India statement published in the Indian Heart Journal, COVID-19 patients who suffer from cardiovascular disease are at a significantly higher risk of complications and fatalities. Among hospitalized COVID-19 patients, nearly 30% experience cardiac injury and 40% of fatalities are linked to cardiac complications.

This is why you should seek vaccination as soon as possible if you suffer from heart disease. Likewise, it is advisable to get family members who suffer from heart disease vaccinated against COVID-19. At present this is regarded as the most effective strategy for protecting those with heart disease or cardiovascular risk factors from COVID-19 infection.

At the same time, concerns about the safety of COVID-19 vaccination for patients with such preexisting conditions are understandable.

Can Covid vaccines worsen the condition or cause side effects that further jeopardize your health if you are an existing cardiovascular or heart disease patient?

Some heart disease patients and caregivers have concerns about the vaccine itself causing infection. This is not possible with the COVID-19 vaccines that are currently in use as they do not have a live virus and are non-replicating vaccines, including inactivated or subunit and nucleic acid vaccines. However, vaccines can cause mild to moderate side effects as your immune system responds to the vaccine. Such side effects are indicative that the vaccine is working, although everyone responds differently and not everyone will necessarily experience side effects.

Common side effects of COVID-19 vaccination include pain at the site of the injection, lethargy, fatigue, headache, and muscle pain. These side effects are outweighed by the benefits of vaccination because of the risk of severe COVID-19 in heart patients. As pointed out by the World Health Organization, heart patients who also suffer from compromised immunity, are pregnant, or have a history of allergic reactions (particularly to vaccines) should discuss these concerns with their health care provider before getting vaccinated.


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