Department of Pulmonology, Interventional Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine


Department of  Pulmonology, Interventional Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine at Gleneagles Hospital, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad

Gleneagles Hospital, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad, excels as one of the best pulmonology hospitals in Hyderabad. It is a renowned healthcare facility, particularly in the fields of pulmonology, interventional pulmonology, and the treatment of sleep apnea. Our institution boasts a meticulously organised department dedicated to addressing pulmonary and sleep-related issues. When seeking expert care for respiratory and sleep disorders, consult with our renowned specialists. Patients can anticipate a world-class and compassionate atmosphere throughout their stay, complete with all the amenities required to facilitate their speedy recovery.

Conditions Treated at Gleneagles Hospital, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad

Pulmonology, interventional pulmonology, and sleep medicine comprise a wide range of medical conditions affecting the respiratory system or an individual’s sleep. Some of these conditions are as listed below: 


Respiratory Conditions (Pulmonology):


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Interstitial lung disease

Pulmonary infections (e.g., pneumonia, bronchitis)

Lung cancer

Pulmonary fibrosis


Pulmonary embolism

Pleural diseases


Interventional Pulmonology Conditions:

Lung nodules and masses

Airway stenosis


Pleural effusions

Bronchopleural fistulas

Hemoptysis (coughing up blood)

Advanced diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy


Sleep Medicine Conditions:

Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

Central Sleep Apnea



Restless Leg Syndrome

Parasomnias (e.g., sleepwalking)

Circadian rhythm disorders

Shift work sleep disorder

These conditions may differ in terms of severity, and while some conditions may get better on their own, with others, medical intervention may be necessary. 

Why Choose Gleneagles Hospital, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad, For Your Treatment?

The Pulmonology, Interventional Pulmonology, and Sleep Medicine department at Gleneagles Hospital, Lakdi-Ka-Pul, Hyderabad, is dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare to individuals with respiratory and sleep-related issues. Our team of the best pulmonologists in the city and sleep medicine specialists leverages cutting-edge medical techniques and technology to assess a wide range of conditions and provide the most suitable treatments to all. Our holistic patient care approach ensures comprehensive treatment for patients and a quick recovery. Reach out to us today for a consultation with our leading specialists.

Pulmonology, Interventional Pulmonology, and Sleep medicine are interconnected medical disciplines. These three fields focus on the well-being of the respiratory system and sleep. Pulmonology specialists diagnose and treat various respiratory conditions, including common ones like asthma, lung infections, and COPD. Interventional pulmonology, on the other hand, emphasises precise interventions such as bronchoscopy and endobronchial ultrasound.

Additionally, Sleep medicine addresses sleep-related disorders, from sleep apnea to insomnia, crucial for maintaining good sleep health. Although distinct, these fields often collaborate when respiratory issues, like sleep apnea affecting breathing, require medical intervention. Together, they contribute to individuals' well-being by managing respiratory health and improving sleep quality.

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When to See a Doctor?

While not all of the aforementioned conditions may be serious, it is important for patients to recognise the warning signs of these conditions and seek a doctor’s intervention if the symptoms persist or worsen. Some signs that should prompt a visit to the doctor for treatment include:

  • Persistent Cough: A long-lasting cough, accompanied by additional symptoms like chest pain or blood in sputum.
  • Chest Pain: Pain or discomfort in the chest, especially when it is associated with breathing.
  • Shortness of Breath: Difficulty breathing, particularly if it worsens during physical activity or at rest.
  • Recurrent Respiratory Infections: Frequent bouts of pneumonia or bronchitis, which may indicate potential underlying lung issues.
  • Wheezing: A whistling sound when breathing, suggesting conditions like asthma or COPD.
  • Abnormal Imaging Results: Unusual findings on chest imaging, such as the presence of lung nodules or masses.
  • Unexplained Coughing up Blood: Coughing up blood (hemoptysis) may be a sign of a serious lung condition.
  • Airway Problems: Persistent breathing issues, recurrent pneumonia, or unexplained coughing.
  • Excessive Daytime Sleepiness: A feeling of severe drowsiness during the day, possibly due to sleep disorders.
  • Loud Snoring: Loud snoring, a possible sign of obstructive sleep apnea.
  • Difficulty Falling or Staying Asleep: Insomnia or sleep disturbances affecting your quality of life.
  • Witnessed Apneas: Observing short breathing issues during sleep, possibly indicating sleep apnea.
  • Nightmares or Sleepwalking: Unusual sleep behaviours, like sleepwalking or night terrors.
  • Restless Leg Syndrome: A strong urge to move legs and discomfort while at rest.

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