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The Department of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics at Gleneagles Hospitals is dedicated to providing all-inclusive nutritional help to improve our patient's overall well-being and clinical care. Our world-class dietitians and nutritionists are highly experienced and offer comprehensive nutrition services to in-patients and out-patients of all ages. The right enteral or parenteral nutrition assistance is given through monitoring, counselling, and following up with our patients on their prescribed diets.

What makes Gleneagles Hospitals the best option?

The nutrition and dietetics unit at Gleneagles Hospitals is well-staffed with expert healthcare professionals who provide each patient with a thorough treatment. We create specific diet plans that are beneficial to health and helpful for treating certain conditions. We also focus on helping the patient understand the benefits of the diet plan and how it can improve their overall health. Our expert team of medical professionals is up to date with recent developments in medicine and is completely committed to giving both in-patients and out-patients a high quality of life.

What do our dietitians & nutritionists do to help our patients maintain good health?

Dietitians and nutritionists are trained professionals who specialise in food, nutrition, and healthy eating habits. They specialise in providing individuals with customised dietary guidance to help them maintain good health. A dietitian and nutritionist can assist in a number of ways, including:

  • Analyse Your Dietary Requirements - In order to identify the patient's nutritional needs, dietitians provide services that evaluate the patient's present health state, lifestyle choices, and goals.
  • Make Tailored Meal Plans - Using the results of your evaluation, a dietitian and nutritionist will develop personalised meal plans to help patients fulfil their dietary needs.
  • Control Chronic Health Conditions - Relying on nutrition therapy and speaking with our dietitian & nutritionist is essential for efficient treatment via nutrition for people who have chronic ailments like diabetes, heart disease, or problems with their digestion.
  • Weight Control - Working with a dietitian and nutritionist to develop a practical food plan may be quite beneficial for weight management. They will support approaches for mindful eating, calorie restriction, sustainable portions, and behavioural modification approaches.
  • Offer Guidance & Advice - Our dietitian and nutritionist will provide patients with vital guidance on the importance of various nutrients, assist in understanding food labels, and help them choose healthier food options.
  • Address Food Allergies & Restrictions - Consultation with a dietitian and nutritionist on food restrictions or allergies may assist in identifying suitable replacements. In addition to keeping the food nutritionally appropriate, they will ensure that allergies and problematic substances are not included in the daily meal plans.

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Some of the Conditions, among many others, that are addressed are :

Our qualified nutritionists and dietitians provide solutions to the following health conditions:

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