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Our Neuroscience team at Gleneagles Aware hospital is well equipped to treat all neurological diseases, making it one of the best hospitals for Neurological Disorders in Hyderabad. This centre is fitted with state-of-the-art facilities and operated by a dedicated team of Hyderabad’s best Neurologists and surgeons, assisted by well-trained nursing assistants and para-medical staff to provide outstanding, patient-centred care for the treatment of Neurological conditions.

Our panel of neurologists are well qualified & professionally skillful and will direct you from initial evaluation to diagnosis and treatment through every phase. We tailor a treatment plan to suit the needs of each patient. It also offers expert guidance on changes in diet and lifestyle to get you back to good health and take preventive action.

Some of our Hospital’s diagnostic procedures are:

  1. Nerve Conduction Tests: NCS tests how high the electrical activity in a nerve is and how powerful it is. The examination will tell if it has harmed a nerve.
  2. Electromyography Studies: The muscles move when they are instructed to get to work through nerve signals from the brain. Electromyography measures how well the muscle responds to it.
  3. Evoked Potential Studies: Evoked potential tests measure the time it takes for the Brain either through sight, sound, or touch to respond to sensory stimulation.
  4. Small Fibre Neuropathy Evaluation: It is primarily determined by history and physical examination. But, functional Neurophysiological testing and skin biopsy assessment of intraepidermal nerve fibre density can provide some proof of the diagnosis.
  5. High-speed CT imaging: CT is a diagnostic imaging technique that uses X-rays to calculate a target neuro displacement from all directions and reconstructs the linear attenuation coefficient throughout the object from that data. Although typically the images are acquired as a series of parallel axial slices, the result is a three-dimensional representation of the anatomy.
  6. High Definition MRI, 4D CT scan: These tests show the inner parts of your body in better detail.
  7. Interventional Angiography: Diagnostic and interventional angiography is a technique that injects blood vessels (arteries or veins) with a so-called dyer that appears on X-Ray to detect narrowing or blocking.
  8. EMG Testing: The procedure is used to identify defects in the neuromuscular system. One or more small needles (also known as electrodes) are inserted into the muscle through the skin during the test.
  9. Neuropsychological evaluations: Neuropsychological assessment is an assessment of how one’s brain works, which indirectly provides information about your brain’s structural and functional integrity. The diagnosis of neuropsychology includes an interview and study administration.

Facilities at Gleneagles Aware hospital Institute of Neurosciences & Rehabilitation, open as well as Endoscopic Brain and Spine Surgeries.

Our Doctors – Neurologists/Neuro Physician/Surgeon: 

Gleneagles Aware hospital provides you with the country’s best Neurology physicians. Neurologists, the experts in Neurology are widely known in their fields and come with a wide range of experience and knowledge. Our physicians are experts in different branches of Neurology, offering thorough care and treatment. Visit us at Hyderabad’s Gleneagles Aware hospital to meet with India’s best team of Neurologists and Neurosurgeons.

Why Choose Us for Neurological Care & Services?

Our physicians are specialized in a wide variety of treatments for Neurological conditions, including Stroke, Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease (PD), Dementia, GBS, Neuropathy, Neuralgia, Parkinsonism, Multiple Sclerosis, Myasthenia Gravis, Brain Tumor, Hydrocephalus, etc. Our diagnostic services include Nerve Conduction studies, Electromyography Studies, Small Fiber Neuropathy Assessment, Invasive & Non-Invasive Visual EEG Testing, High-Speed CT Imaging, High-Definition MRI, 4D CT Scanning, Interventional Angiography, and Neuropsychological Assessments, etc.

Our neurology and neurosurgery team’s main goal is to enhance your quality of life, improve your Neurological function regardless of your condition, and thus motivate you to take control of your health. To do this, we aspire to do our best. Hence, we are known to be one of the best hospitals for neuroscience in Hyderabad.

Neurosurgeries are provided at the Institute of Neurosciences

Neurology involves the treatment of many different conditions where numerous neurosurgeries have to be performed by the best neurosurgeons. Our institute is one of the best hospitals for neurosurgery in Hyderabad for neurology treatment . The procedures done here are:

  1. Craniotomy: A craniotomy is a removal from the skull of part of the bone to reveal the brain by surgery for removing the bone segment called the bone flap; specialized tools are used.
  2. Complex Temporal Epilepsy Surgery: Temporal lobe resection, also known as temporal lobectomy, is a procedure that can reduce the number of seizures you experience, make them less frequent, or even prevent them from happening.
  3. Complex Lesioned Epilepsy Surgery: This brain surgery removes brain lesions that cause seizures — areas of damage or abnormalities such as tumours or abnormal blood vessels.
  4. Thrombolysis: Thrombolysis, also known as thrombolytic therapy, is a treatment for dissolving harmful clots in blood vessels, increasing blood flow, and preventing tissue and organs from being impaired.
  5. Mechanical Thrombectomy: You might need a deep vein clot cut out in sporadic cases. This may be appropriate if you have a severe case of DVT, also called phlegmasia cerulea dolens, which does not respond well to other treatment forms. This is a venous thrombectomy procedure.
  6. Botulinum Toxin Injection: Botulinum toxin is a muscle-relaxing drug made of Clostridium botulinum, a bacterium. This is the medicine that people use to fix lines, commonly known as Botox.

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Neurological Diseases & Disorders Treatment & Procedures Available

Neurologists monitor and treat Neurological conditions or Nervous System problems. The different conditions treated by the institute of Neurosciences are:

Different conditions treated by the Institute of Neurosciences are:


  • Which is considered the best Neurology Hospital in Hyderabad?

    Gleneagles Aware hospital is well equipped to treat all Neurological Diseases, making it the best Neurology hospital in Hyderabad for Neurological Disorders.

  • What does Neurology mean?

    Neurology is a medical field that is concerned with researching and treating Neurological (Nervous System) disorders.

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