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Neuro And Spine Surgery

Unlocking Hope and Healing: Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri's Premier Neurosurgery Program

  • Leading the Way: Elevate your healthcare experience with the top-ranked Neurosurgery Program in Bengaluru. Our commitment to excellence sets the standard, ensuring optimal outcomes for our patients.
  • Life-Changing Results: Witness the transformative power of our Neurosurgery Department. We don't just perform surgeries; we save lives, bringing hope and recovery to countless individuals.
  • Patient-Centric Excellence: Step into a world where you are at the center of care. Our patient-focused approach guarantees personalized attention, fostering an environment of trust and well-being.
  • Surgical Prowess: Trust in the hands of our skilled surgeons. The Neurosurgery Program at Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri is synonymous with surgical expertise, tackling the most complex cases with precision.
  • Holistic Healing: Embrace a holistic healing journey. Beyond surgical interventions, our program emphasizes comprehensive care, addressing every aspect of neurological and spine health.
  • Unwavering Commitment: Count on a department committed to your health journey. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to excellence, ensuring your trust is well-placed.
  • Proven Track Record: Join a community of patients across Karnataka who have entrusted their neurosurgical needs to us. Our track record speaks volumes about the impact we've made on lives.
  • Innovation in Every Procedure: Experience cutting-edge techniques and innovation in every procedure. Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri's Neurosurgery Program combines tradition with the latest advancements for superior outcomes.

Choose Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri's Neurosurgery Program – where every surgery is a step toward renewed hope, and your health is our unwavering commitment.

Embark on a journey of exceptional neurological care at Gleneagles Kengeri, where our Neurosurgery Department stands at the forefront of cutting-edge interventions, coupled with unwavering dedication to your well-being. We understand the profound impact neurological conditions can have on your life, and our team of expert neurosurgeons is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate care. Trust us as your partners in neurosurgical excellence, where innovation meets expertise to navigate the intricate landscape of neurosurgery, ensuring your path to recovery is marked by precision, skill, and compassionate support.

Key Offerings of our Neurosurgery Department:

  • Advanced Spine Surgery Solutions:
    - Minimally invasive spine surgeries for enhanced recovery.
    - Expertise in treating spinal disorders, including disc herniations and degenerative conditions.
  • Brain Tumor Diagnosis and Treatment:
    - Precise diagnosis and personalized treatment plans for brain tumors.
    - Advanced surgical interventions, including tumor resections and neuro-navigation.
  • Peripheral Nerve Surgery:
    - Specialized procedures for peripheral nerve disorders.
    - Nerve decompression surgeries and reparative interventions.
  • Cerebrovascular Interventions:
    - Expertise in addressing cerebrovascular conditions.
    - Minimally invasive procedures for aneurysm repair and vascular malformations.
  • Functional Neurosurgery:
    - Innovative approaches for movement disorders.
    - Deep brain stimulation and other advanced treatments.
  • Pediatric Neurosurgery Expertise:
    - Comprehensive care for pediatric neurological conditions.
    - Surgical solutions tailored for the unique needs of young patients.
  • Trauma and Emergency Neurosurgery:
    - Immediate and expert interventions for neurological emergencies.
    - 24/7 availability for trauma and critical cases.
  • Neuro-Oncology Services:
    - Multidisciplinary care for brain and spinal cord tumors.
    - Collaborative treatment plans for optimal outcomes.

At Gleneagles Kengeri, our Neurosurgery Department is more than a center for surgical excellence; it's a haven of hope, expertise, and unwavering commitment to restoring neurological health. Trust us to be your dedicated partners, navigating the complexities of neurosurgery with precision, care, and a focus on your well-being.

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Precision in Healing: Expert Neuro and Spine Surgery

In the realm of medical excellence, our dedicated team of seasoned neuro and spine surgeons orchestrates transformative treatments with unparalleled precision. Armed with years of collective experience, these medical maestros delve into the intricate world of the nervous system, conducting cutting-edge procedures that redefine the boundaries of healing. From delicate spinal surgeries to intricate neurological interventions, each step is guided by expertise honed through countless successful cases. This cadre of specialists not only mends the body but also empowers patients with renewed hope and restored vitality. At the intersection of skill and compassion, our neuro and spine surgery team stands as a beacon of excellence, illuminating the path to recovery.

"At Excellence in Neuro and Spine Surgery, we're dedicated to providing exceptional care, especially for our pediatric patients. With a focus on non-invasive treatment options, we prioritize the well-being and comfort of our young patients. Our commitment to faster recovery and scarless surgeries ensures outstanding clinical outcomes. Trust us to deliver excellence with empathy, ensuring the best possible care for you and your loved ones."


  • Are all neurological conditions treated with surgery?

    No, not all neurological conditions require surgery. Neurosurgeons explore non-surgical options first, such as medication, physical therapy, or lifestyle modifications. Surgery is typically considered when conservative treatments fail to provide relief or when the condition requires immediate intervention.

  • Can minimally invasive techniques be used for neurosurgery and spine surgery?

    Yes, many neurosurgical and spine procedures can be performed using minimally invasive techniques. These approaches often result in smaller incisions, less tissue damage, reduced pain, and shorter recovery times compared to traditional open surgeries.

  • What are the benefits of minimally invasive spine surgery?

    Minimally invasive spine surgery offers advantages such as smaller incisions, reduced blood loss, quicker recovery times, and less postoperative pain compared to traditional open surgeries.

  • How is minimally invasive surgery different from traditional surgery?

    Minimally invasive surgery involves smaller incisions and the use of specialized instruments and cameras to perform the procedure. This approach aims to minimize tissue damage, reduce scarring, and speed up recovery.

  • How is postoperative pain managed after minimally invasive spine surgery?

    Postoperative pain management may involve a combination of medications, including pain relievers and anti-inflammatories. Minimally invasive techniques inherently contribute to reduced postoperative pain, aiding in a more comfortable recovery.

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  • Nursing Excellence

    Nursing Excellence

    At Gleneagles Kengeri, we elevate patient care to an art form, where Nursing Excellence isn't just a skill; it's our unwavering focus and core strength. Our dedicated nursing team goes beyond the call of duty, creating a compassionate, healing environment. Choose us for a healthcare experience where excellence in nursing is not just a service but a heartfelt commitment to your well-being.

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    Worldclass Infrastructure

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