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Embark on a transformative healthcare experience at Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri, where our Interventional Radiology Department stands as a beacon of excellence. Our highly skilled, committed, and patient-focused team ensures cutting-edge interventions tailored to your unique needs. Choose us for a world-class approach to interventional radiology that inspires trust and sets new standards in global healthcare.

1. Global Recognition: Join patients from across the world in choosing our Interventional Radiology Department, renowned for its global recognition and excellence.

2. Highly Skilled Experts: Trust your health to a team of highly skilled experts committed to delivering top-tier interventional radiology services with precision and expertise.

3. Patient-Focused Care: Experience a patient-focused journey, where your well-being and comfort are at the forefront of our interventional radiology interventions.

4. Cutting-Edge Procedures: Access the latest and most advanced interventional radiology procedures, ensuring you receive the best possible care using state-of-the-art technologies.

5. Comprehensive Solutions: Our department offers comprehensive solutions, addressing a wide range of conditions through minimally invasive interventions that prioritize your safety and recovery.

6. Commitment to Excellence: Immerse yourself in a commitment to excellence that defines our approach to interventional radiology, ensuring optimal outcomes and patient satisfaction.

7. Innovative Practices: Benefit from innovative practices that set the standard in interventional radiology, ensuring you receive the most effective and personalized treatments available.

Choose Gleneagles Hospital Kengeri's Interventional Radiology Department for a healthcare journey marked by skill, commitment, and patient-centric care. Your path to advanced medical interventions begins here.

Welcome to Gleneagles Kengeri's Interventional Radiology Department, a realm of medical innovation where our certified physicians specialize in pioneering minimally invasive, image-guided treatments. Our interventions have redefined the landscape of medical care, offering reduced risks, less pain, and swifter recovery times compared to traditional open surgeries. As your trusted partners in health, we bring you a spectrum of advanced interventional radiology procedures, seamlessly integrated across specialties. With a commitment to excellence, our team stands at the forefront, dedicated to transforming patient experiences and ensuring optimal outcomes.

Key Interventional Radiology Procedures:

  • Ablations:
    - Targeting lung, liver, renal (kidney), or spine conditions with precision.
    - Benign thyroid nodule ablations for effective management.
  • Chemoembolization:
     - Delivering chemotherapy directly to tumors using embolic agents for enhanced efficacy.
  • Fistulagram:
     - Specialized imaging for meticulous dialysis access evaluation, ensuring optimal function.
  • Interventional Oncology:
     - Innovative approaches in cancer treatment, providing effective alternatives.
  • Internal Radiation Therapy for the Liver:
     - Targeted radiation therapy for liver conditions, maximizing therapeutic outcomes.
  • Prostate Artery Embolization:
     - Minimally invasive treatment for prostate issues, offering effective relief.
  • Uterine Fibroid Embolization:
    - Non-surgical therapy for uterine fibroids, promoting patient comfort and recovery.
  • CT & USG Guided Interventions:
    - Precise procedures guided by CT and ultrasound for accurate diagnosis and treatment.
  • Peripheral Interventions:
    - Specialized management for arterial (diabetic foot) conditions, ensuring optimal vascular health.
    - Minimally invasive solutions for venous (varicose) issues, promoting patient well-being.
    - Comprehensive care for peripheral vascular concerns, addressing diverse conditions.
  • Neuro Interventions:
    - Advanced interventions addressing neurological conditions with unparalleled expertise.

These cutting-edge procedures exemplify our unwavering commitment to advancing patient care. By providing effective alternatives to traditional surgery with minimal discomfort and enhanced recovery, our Interventional Radiology Department stands as a beacon of medical excellence. Trust us to revolutionize your healthcare journey, ensuring that every intervention is a step towards optimal well-being and a future defined by health, comfort, and confidence.

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Revolutionizing Healthcare Through Interventional Radiology Excellence

In the realm of modern medicine, Interventional Radiology (IR) stands as a beacon of innovation and precision. Spearheaded by a seasoned team of experts with years of collective experience, IR treatments and procedures have redefined patient care. These skilled professionals utilize advanced imaging techniques to perform minimally invasive interventions, offering swift and targeted solutions for various medical conditions. From catheter-based therapies to image-guided surgeries, the mastery of this medical specialty not only ensures heightened efficacy but also promotes quicker recovery times. In the hands of these adept practitioners, Interventional Radiology continues to carve new paths in healthcare, exemplifying a transformative approach to healing.


  • How Does Angioplasty Work in Interventional Radiology?

    Angioplasty is a common IR procedure used to widen narrowed or blocked blood vessels. A catheter with a balloon at its tip is inserted into the affected vessel, and the balloon is inflated to improve blood flow. In some cases, a stent may be placed to keep the vessel open.

  • What is Embolization in the Context of Interventional Radiology?

    Embolization involves the deliberate blocking of blood vessels, typically to treat abnormal growths or control bleeding. This can include uterine fibroid embolization, which targets blood supply to fibroids, or embolization of blood vessels feeding tumors.

  • Can Interventional Radiology be Used in Cancer Treatment?

    Yes, Interventional Radiology plays a crucial role in cancer treatment. Procedures like radiofrequency ablation (RFA) and chemoembolization are employed to target and destroy tumors, providing a less invasive alternative to traditional surgery.

  • Are Interventional Radiology Procedures Painful?

    Most Interventional Radiology procedures are minimally invasive and performed with local anesthesia or sedation. Patients may experience mild discomfort, but the procedures generally involve less pain and quicker recovery compared to traditional surgical approaches.

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  • Nursing Excellence

    Nursing Excellence

    At Gleneagles Kengeri, we elevate patient care to an art form, where Nursing Excellence isn't just a skill; it's our unwavering focus and core strength. Our dedicated nursing team goes beyond the call of duty, creating a compassionate, healing environment. Choose us for a healthcare experience where excellence in nursing is not just a service but a heartfelt commitment to your well-being

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    Worldclass Infrastructure

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    Service Excellence

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