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Hand transplant is a surgical procedure to transplant one or both hands from one human being to another. The donor hand comes from a brain-dead donor. Hand transplant can be considered for people who have lost one or both hands for any reason (road-traffic accident, industrial or agricultural accidents, electrocution, burns, sepsis, etc). The loss of partial hand or few digits can be managed by reconstructive surgery. However, if all fingers or entire hand is lost, there is no satisfactory reconstruction possible. Hand transplant is the only option for these amputees, which can help them to regain useful hand function in order to live an independent life. In appropriately selected candidates, this is the best rehabilitative option.

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You could not be in better hands to receive this wonderful new opportunity, and live your own life again, on your own independent terms.


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All potential recipients for hand transplantation undergo a detailed consultation to understand the complexity and magnitude of the entire procedure. A thorough clinical examination is performed to assess the technical possibility of the procedure. This is followed by detailed investigations and consultation with multiple other specialists involved in the transplantation process. After a detailed psychosocial assessment, the patient is then listed for hand transplantation with the competent authorities of the state government. Following this, we have to wait for a suitable brain-dead donor to donate his hands, which can be attached to the recipient, after appropriate cross-matching. Blood group and HLA cross-match are crucial for the final decision making.


The hand transplant surgery is technically complex and challenging surgery, and it needs a large multidisciplinary team of Plastic and Hand Surgeons, skilled with microsurgical expertise. The transplant surgery needs coordination between all the team members. The average operating time for single hand transplant is 8-10 hours and for double hand transplant is 15-18 hours.

Pre-operative matching of the donor and recipient is performed to ensure compatibility for transplantation. Before surgery, the recipient is started with immunosuppressive medications to avoid rejection of the transplanted hand.

The donor hand is attached to the recipient part by part – bones are fixed first, followed by repair of major blood vessels, tendons, nerves and skin.


  • How long will be the hospital stay?

    Following the surgery, the recipient is closely monitored by the ICU team to ensure smooth hemodynamic recovery. The patient is shifted out of the ICU after 10-14 days. The early physiotherapy and rehabilitation start few days after the surgery and continues throughout the stay of the patient. The patient is usually discharged 3-4 weeks after the surgery.

  • How often will be the follow-up post the surgery?

    Immediately after discharge from the hospital, it is advisable that the patient stays nearby or in the same city, as it makes his follow up and physiotherapy visits easier. The patient may have to visit more frequently in the first 2-3 months till the medications and physiotherapy are adjusted optimally. Following this the patient may have to visit every 2-3 monthly in the first year after surgery. Skin biopsies are performed at regular intervals in order to monitor any acute graft rejection.

    The duration between the subsequent visits may be longer depending on the patient’s progress. In the long term, at least a yearly visit would be required throughout the lifetime.

  • Are there any risks involved?

    Any microvascular surgery carries a small risk of vascular complications which may result in failure of the transplanted tissue.

    Besides this, all transplant recipients have to be on lifelong immunosuppression. These medications can predispose these patients to complications such as opportunistic bacterial and viral infections, hypertension, diabetes, renal failure, etc.

    However, with regular follow up and proper titration of medications, it is possible to treat or control most of these complications.

  • What are the key benefits of hand transplant?

    Hand transplantation is the only procedure which restores a normal physical appearance, with good motor and sensory function, comparable to a normal hand.

    No other method of reconstructive surgery or prosthetics can provide a comparable solution or outcome for a hand amputee.

  • Which hospital is best for hand transplant in India?

    One of the best hospitals for hand transplant surgery in India is Gleneagles Hospital. It is a top-ranked hospital that offers effective treatment at affordable prices. Additionally, it has a patient-friendly infrastructure, and its skilled medical staff has decades of experience. Most importantly, the hospital has higher success rates and positive patient testimonials, which make it one of the most trusted hospitals in India for hand transplant surgery.


  • What is the cost of a hand transplant in India?

    The location, surgeon, and patient’s state of health all affect how much a hand transplant cost in india. Iin addition to medication and pre- and post-operative care. It is crucial to thoroughly research each hospital because each has its own policies and fee schedule. Prior to making a choice, it is crucial to take into account every aspect that will have an impact on the price.

  • Which hospital is best for hand transplant in Mumbai?

    Gleneagles Hospital has proven to be one of the top destinations for hand transplant surgeries due to their state-of-the-art infrastructure and highly trained medical staff. The hospital has also earned a reputation for its cutting-edge technology and compassionate care of patients. In addition, Gleneagles Hospital offers a comprehensive aftercare program to ensure patients receive the best possible care and outcomes from their hand transplant surgeries .

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