Department of Emergency


Department of Emergency

Emergencies and contingencies are unavoidable realities of our lives. However, adequate preparations and advanced protocols can help mitigate unfortunate consequences. Health emergencies that require immediate attention and advanced care include – automobile accidents, Cardiac arrest, food poisoning, burns, drug overdose, falls & fractures, and strokes & seizures amongst others. We at the Department of Emergency Medicine at Gleneagles Aware Hospitals, Hyderabad have a world-class team of emergency medicine specialists to render critical emergency care in a timely manner.

Emergency hospital care doesn’t start when the patient arrives at the hospital, instead, emergency care encompasses care that is rendered from the very spot where the emergency occurs, care during the transit, and of course at the hospital. We specialize in advanced emergency hospital care across this chain with a team of a specialized team of ambulances, drivers, and paramedics bringing emergency care from the very moment they reach the patient at the spot of the incidence.

Our Diagnostic Capabilities for Emergency Care

Accurate diagnosis is critical to the treatment of emergency medical conditions. Understanding underlying factors gives the necessary insight into the line of treatment to be pursued, to the complications that may arise, and to the comprehensive extent of the injury. Some of the commonly employed investigations for emergency medicine include.

  • X-Ray: An x-ray is a preliminary imaging methodology routinely employed to check for fractures, and damage to the internal anatomical structures.
  • CT Scans & MRI: Advanced imaging techniques that give you a deeper and more detailed imaging of the internal organs and tissues.
  • ECG: An ECG or an electrocardiogram is a diagnostic procedure that analyses the functioning of the heart by mapping the heart signals on a graph.

Treatments Available at Gleneagles Aware Hospital

The Department of Emergency Medicine at Gleneagles Aware Hospitals offers treatment and care for all medical emergencies including:

Automobile accidents – A major cause of emergency medical trauma is vehicular accidents leading to loss of limb & life. From minor injuries to major life-threatening ones, automobile accidents present contingencies that require immediate attention and advanced medical/surgical care.

Cardiac arrests – Cardiac emergencies are a common health emergency caused by sudden loss of blood flow resulting in acute chest pain, loss of consciousness, shortness of breath, and others.

Food poisoning – Food poisoning is caused by consumption of contaminated or disagreeable food. Contaminated food toxins or infection causing organisms that induce acute illness requiring immediate medical attention.

Burns – Burns cause both internal & external damage to the body, ranging from simple scaling to major third-degree burns. Burns requires immediate medical attention, including cosmetic interventions.

Drug Overdose – Deliberate or unintentional drug overdose is a serious medical condition, which can result in loss of life if immediate medical attention is not provided.
Strokes – Strokes are either caused by a blood clot or a haemorrhage and can have serious medical conditions if immediate and advanced medical attention is not provided

Our Doctors – Emergency Medicine Doctors/General Medicine Doctors

During emergency cases, the patient requires immediate attention. Even a minute is precious and must not be wasted. People prefer our emergency department as we take action immediately and leave no room for any delay. Our hospital is considered one of the best hospitals for general medicine in Hyderabad, mainly because of our doctors. Our doctors act well and fast during emergency times and ensure the safety of the patient.

We have some of the best general medicine doctors in Hyderabad who strive hard and put in all their efforts to save the life of the patient and cure them completely. We only take the doctors who have expertise in general medicine and internal medicine and who hold at least a few years of experience. At Gleneagles Aware Hospital, LB Nagar, we make sure that all the patients get effective treatment for an affordable cost.

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