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Ear, Nose And Throat

Problems of the Ear, Nose, and Throat can be effectively resolved with timely detection, expert care, and the latest technology. The Ear, Nose and Throat region are commonly affected by infections and at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai it is our ongoing endeavour to provide advanced intervention & care for such disorders. Hearing disorders, foreign objects in the body, and swallowing problems are some of the other commonly associated ENT issues. ENT specialists use a variety of diagnostic tools, including endoscopy, imaging studies, and hearing tests, to assess and diagnose conditions. They may provide medical or surgical treatment, depending on the nature and severity of the condition.

Signs and Symptoms

  • If you have a lump in your neck, for more than two weeks, there is a possibility that it can be cancerous.
  •  Nosebleeds can occur due to various reasons like natural nose injury, dry air, infection, allergy, or Nose Cancer. In both cases, it is advised to consult a doctor.
  •  If you have an ulcer or swelling in the mouth for more than a week, then it should be looked at by a doctor.
  •  Even your voice box can have Cancer or Thyroid Cancer. If your voice is loud, then it might be a symptom of Thyroid Cancer.
  •  Swallowing food items or any eateries becomes difficult when there is a chance for cancer in the throat. A Tumour present in the nose or throat can cause pain or blockage in your ears, which should be looked at by a doctor.

    For Neck & Ears

    When there is a lump in the neck, that does not go away after 2 to 3 weeks, or if you notice any changes in the size or appearance of the lump, or if the lump feels painful or tender or the lump appears red or inflamed as well as you experience unintentional weight loss a specialist doctor should look at it. A few lumps can be untreated, few can be treated with medicines while some require further examination. For example in a Thyroid lump, an ultrasound examination is done to find out if a thyroid lump or nodule is cancerous, and a fine needle aspiration (FNA) biopsy can be done. CT scans or MRIs help determine the location and size of thyroid cancers and whether they have spread to nearby areas. If the Tumour appears to be resectable (removable), surgery might be required.

    For Nose

Nasal Endoscopy is a diagnostic medical procedure that’s minimally invasive. It includes passing a nasal endoscope into the nose to analyze the nose and throat.
The evaluation can arrive at a diagnosis or further esophagoscopy might be suggested.
For Throat: For suspected malignant growth inside the nose or throat, a tissue test must be sent to affirm the finding. For throat malignancy, a Biopsy is done
utilizing anaesthesia and an endoscope. With malignant growths somewhere down in the throat, e.g., at the voice box, general anaesthesia along with unique
instruments are used.

The Department of ENT at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai offers excellent treatment and care for Ear, Nose, and throat issues, by an expert panel of specialists and aided by state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our dedicated staff, advanced diagnostic methods, and commitment make us one of the best ENT facilities in Mumbai. We also provide preventive diagnosis, education & awareness, and complex surgical procedures for our patients.


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Diagnosis Capabilities at ENT Hospital In Mumbai

Except if it is an emergency, you and your primary care physician may discuss the medicinal medical procedure systems as a way to deal with addressing your condition upon assurance. This decision relies upon the careful appraisal of your therapeutic history and subsequent helpful tests, for instance, blood tests, X-pillars, MRI, CT yield, Electrocardiogram, or other research office work performed to choose the precise assurance.


  • What is Department of Ear, Nose & Throat Care?

    The ENT department in a hospital stands for Ear, Nose, and Throat. It is also referred to as Otolaryngology, which is a medical speciality that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders and conditions related to the ear, nose, throat, and head and neck region. Physicians who specialise in this field are known as Otolaryngologists or ENT doctors.

    ENT specialists are trained to address a wide range of medical issues, including Hearing Loss, Sinus Infections, Tonsillitis, Voice Disorders, Allergies, and more. They may perform surgical procedures related to these areas, such as Ear surgeries, Sinus Surgeries, Tonsillectomies, and Head and Neck Surgeries.

  • More about ENT specialists at Gleneagles Hospitals, Mumbai?

    Gleneagles Hospital has one of the best teams of ENT specialists in Mumbai to deliver the best treatment and care for ENT problems. Access to a team of highly experienced and some of the best ENT doctors in Mumbai ensures that our patients have access to only the best medical minds, who are ably supported by a world-class team of nurses & paramedical staff. We are one of the best hospitals for ENT treatment in Mumbai. We have the latest equipment for the treatment of diseases. Our success rate, combined with the expertise of some of the best ENT doctors in Mumbai, enables the patients to trust us, and their support has made us one of the most preferred choices!

  • What kind of conditions does an ENT specialist treat?

    ENT specialists diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions, including ear infections, hearing loss, sinusitis, tonsillitis, voice and swallowing disorders, nasal and sinus tumors, and disorders of the head and neck.

  • When should I see an ENT specialist?

    You should consider seeing an ENT specialist if you experience persistent issues with your ears, nose, throat, or related areas. Common reasons include hearing loss, chronic sinus problems, persistent sore throat, and issues with balance or dizziness.

  • Do I need a referral to see an ENT specialist?

    In many cases, a referral from a primary care physician is not required to see an ENT specialist. However, some insurance plans may have specific requirements, so it's advisable to check with your insurance provider.

  • Can an ENT specialist perform surgery?

    Yes, many ENT specialists are trained to perform surgical procedures related to the ear, nose, throat, and head/neck. Common ENT surgeries include Tonsillectomy, Sinus Surgery, Ear Tube Placement, and Head and Neck Tumour removal.

  • How can I prevent ear, nose, and throat problems?

    Practices like maintaining good hygiene, avoiding exposure to loud noises, and addressing Respiratory Infections promptly can help prevent some ENT problems. Regular check-ups with an ENT specialist are also advisable, especially if you have a history of ear, nose, or throat issues.

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