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Your ears, nose, and throat are located quite close to each other. Though they have distinct functions, they are interrelated and depend on each other for smooth functioning. While your ears and nose are referred to as sense organs, your throat also has an important function in your body.

The ears and nose provide you with the ability to hear, maintain a bodily balance, and smell different aromas. On the other hand, your throat is a pathway that allows foods and various fluids to travel down the oesophagus to the stomach. For the uninitiated, the oesophagus is a hollow tube extending from your throat towards the stomach. Also, it helps air to reach the lungs.

Our ENT team, or otolaryngologists, is available to provide the best treatment to children and adults suffering from any problems of the ear, nose, or throat care. The skilled physicians are medical and surgical experts who have worked in this field for several years and continue to remain updated with the latest technological developments. Recognized as one of the best ENT hospitals in Hyderabad, we excel in the treatment of ear problems, nose disorders, and throat infections.

While healthcare is a dynamic sector where patients often struggle to find the right doctors, we are proud to announce that we are amongst the best ENT hospitals in Hyderabad and our diverse group of nationally and internationally certified otolaryngologists is headed by one of the best teams of ENT doctors in Hyderabad.

Our advanced medical equipment includes laser machines for innumerable surgeries, a harmonic scalpel, an atmos stroboscope, and a sialendoscope for endoscopy amongst others. You can be completely sure of the most accurate detection of problems and consequent treatments.

Diagnosis of Ear, Nose & Throat related conditions

The ears are sensory organs that are connected not only to hear but also to give you a sense of balance. The nose is also a sensory organ that not only gives you a sense of smell but also offers a partial sense of taste for yourself. By humidifying the air we breathe, the nose also plays an important role and works to prevent germs from entering the body. The throat provides the airway to access the Lungs, as well as the food and water pathway to get into the Digestive Tract. If ear, nose, and throat care is not taken seriously it can have a dramatic effect on your quality of life.

Lump inside the neck

The beginning of a lump in the neck can be a sign of Nose Cancer, Thyroid, Lymphoid, and other ENT Cancers.  A lump can be produced from the thyroid gland in the lower front part of the neck, particularly when you move your neck up and down and witness some swallowing in the neck.  Not all lumps in the neck are Cancer signs; there can be causes, such as an inflamed gland.

Bleeding in the nose

Nose Bleeding usually occurs due to injury to the nose lining, often due to dry weather, infection or allergy. Nose Bleeding can also be a sign of nose cancer, particularly if the bleeding tends to occur in small amounts, or occurs with a headache or unpleasant odour, then it is necessary to get your problem monitored.

Ulcer or Swelling inside the mouth

A doctor will look at a swelling, Ulcer or sore area in the mouth which does not go away within a week. Ulcers that come and go in multiple mouth areas are generally non-cancerous and are known as aphthous ulcers. Ulcers usually occur due to a throat infection.

Voice Hoarseness

Voice hoarseness can be a sign of Mouth Cancers and can it can also be a symptom of Thyroid Cancer as well. Nerves flow directly behind the Thyroid gland to the vocal cords and can be affected by Cancer within the gland.

Ear Pain

Some lumps may be left alone or treated with medication, while others may require further research. In the case of a thyroid lump, an ultrasound scan and a fine needle biopsy can help to determine the chance of cancer, and hence the need for surgery. Several lumps in the neck can be removed by giving local anaesthesia, while others may require general anaesthesia (full-body anaesthesia). A CT or MRI scan can sometimes provide useful information before determining whether the lump should be removed.

Nasal endoscopy requires the passing of a thin flexible camera into the nose to inspect the nose and throat problem. This test only takes a couple of minutes and is usually painless.

To confirm the diagnosis, a tissue sample is sent to the laboratory for suspected cancer inside the nose or throat. Local anaesthesia and an endoscope are used to direct the biopsy, which can be performed in the clinic for Nasal Cancer.

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Different Conditions treated by the Ear, Nose and Throat Care Department

While it is a common misconception that ENT care is primarily concerned with basic issues such as loss of hearing or a sore throat, you must understand that it includes a wide ground of issues. Though these three- ears, nose, and throat, are the broad names on the list, ENT care includes every problem related to your face, your sinuses, and the neck. Our centre for paediatric and adult ear, nose, and throat care is considered one of the best hospitals for ENT in Hyderabad for instant and accurate diagnosis. Some of the most common ear problems, nose, and throat infections are diagnosed at our hospital.

A full and detailed ENT examination includes a proper inspection of your ears, nose, and throat, in addition to your face and neck. Every disorder of the ear is diagnosed by first engaging in a general screening process and then using pressure to examine the eardrum fluids. This process is also known as pneumatic otoscopy or tympanometry. The speciality nasal test is regularly completed with a spotlight or reflector and a handheld speculum that enables us to check the nasal septum better. The nose will usually be checked before and after the use of a decongestant nozzle splash. The most novel element of the ENT appointment is an inspection of the voice box and the nose end using hand-held glasses at the mouth opening. The inspection of the throat is delivered carefully and covers the lymph nodes, salivary glands, and the thyroid gland. Testing of overall fitness and the cardiopulmonary order terminates the routine check-up. The ear, nose, and throat examinations are not usually painful, although some subjects find that studying the mouth may gag them. We have some of the best ENT doctors in Hyderabad.


  • What is the Department of Ear, Nose and Throat Care?

    Problems of the Ear, Nose and Throat can be effectively resolved with timely detection, expert care, and the latest technology. The Ear, Nose and Throat region are commonly affected by infections and at Gleneagles Hospital, Hyderabad it is our ongoing endeavour to provide advanced intervention & care for such disorders. Hearing disorders, foreign objects in the body, and swallowing problems are some of the other commonly associated ENT issues.

  • What types of conditions do ENT specialists treat?

    ENT specialists diagnose and treat a broad spectrum of conditions, encompassing ear infections, hearing loss, sinusitis, tonsillitis, voice and swallowing disorders, as well as nasal and sinus tumors. Additionally, they address disorders of the head and neck.

  • When should I seek the expertise of an ENT specialist?

    It is recommended to consult an ENT specialist if you encounter persistent problems with your ears, nose, throat, or related areas. Common indications for seeking their expertise include issues such as hearing loss, chronic sinus problems, persistent sore throat, and difficulties with balance or dizziness.

  • Are ENT specialists trained to conduct surgical procedures?

    Yes, many ENT specialists are trained to perform surgeries related to the ear, nose, throat, and head/neck. Common ENT surgeries include tonsillectomy, sinus surgery, ear tube placement, and the removal of head and neck tumours.

  • How can I prevent ear, nose, and throat problems?

    Practices such as maintaining good hygiene, avoiding exposure to loud noises, and promptly addressing respiratory infections can help prevent some ENT problems. Regular check-ups with an ENT specialist are also advisable, particularly if you have a history of ear, nose, or throat issues. In case of and ear, nose and throat related problem visit Gleneagles Hospital.

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