Doctors at Aware Gleneagles Hospital remove “cancerous stomach” to save life of a young woman

Surgical Gastroenterology

Hyderabad, November 25th, 2021: Doctors at the Aware Gleneagles Hospital, a prominent multi-specialty healthcare provider, performed a complex procedure to remove a part of the “cancerous stomach” to save life of a woman recently. With tumour inside the abdomen bursting, patient was in acute pain, and at a high risk to her life, necessitating an immediate surgery to clean-up the cancer spreading portions completely.

A 31-year-old resident of Hyderabad, is a nursing staff member at the Aware Gleneagles Hospital. She did not have any major complaints in the past, and the cancer in abdomen was never detected earlier. The acute pain due to which she was admitted to the hospital was a sudden and unexpected development. Post basic tests surgery was initiated for a possible intestinal perforation, only to be surprised on the operation table with the presence of a perforated cancer in the abdomen causing severe pain and imminent risk.

Commenting on the procedure, Dr. Bhupathi Rajendra Prasad, Senior Consultant – Surgical Gastroenterology, Aware Gleneagles Hospital said, “Sudden perforation of cancerous tumour inside abdomen is not a common occurrence and this even has a high mortality rate. In this case, when the patient was presented to us, we pre-empted it was a case of intestinal perforation which too is an emergency condition. However, on opening the abdomen we were shocked to notice it was a perforated cancer in the abdomen. We continued with the procedure, removed the effected portions of the stomach, and reconnected victim’s digestive system. Patient is currently undergoing chemotherapy treatment to avoid possibilities of any recurrence of cancer.”

This complex procedure which went on fort more than four hours, was performed by a team of multi-specialty experts, competently supported by nursing staff members. Appreciating efforts of the team, Dr. Satwinder Singh Sabharwal, COO, Aware Gleneagles Hospitals said that it is the cases like these which time and again demonstrate the importance of multi-specialty approach to treatments.

About Aware Gleneagles Hospitals:

Aware Gleneagles Hospital at L B Nagar, Hyderabad is known as one of the best tertiary care multi-specialty hospitals in India. The hospital has tie-ups with all major cashless health insurance players and is empanelled with all major corporates in the city. Aware Gleneagles Hospital is a part of IHH Healthcare, one of the world’s largest healthcare providers. With its full spectrum of integrated services, dedicated people, reach and scale, and commitment to quality and safety, IHH aspires to be the world’s most trusted healthcare services network, united by a single purpose: to touch lives and transform care.

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