• Ameena_Thumbnail

    Thanks to the collaborative efforts of the Transplant team, Hepatologist, Pediatric, and Interventionalist, the baby recovered without surgery.

    A 8-month-old Maldives baby's win over severe Liver Failure
  • Swami

    The Neurosurgery team did an amazing job! Thanks to their care and expertise.

    After just two days from my surgery, I was back on my feet and doing my usual activities.
  • Mahesh

    Despite my fear of surgery, the ENT team and the healthcare professionals reassured me, and today I am happy to be fully recovered.

    After suffering from constant headaches and difficulty in breathing, I finally got relief with the proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Heart Transplant

    Mr Kiran's heart functioned at just 20%, leaving him with little hope. A heart transplant transformed his life, and now he's a happy man living life to the fullest.

    Appreciation to the Heart Transplant Team for Transforming Lives
  • Stanley

    Despite a rare spine tumor making my case challenging, the neurosurgery doctors and physiotherapy team's unwavering hope brought me from paralysis to walking again.

    Despite my paralysis, the healthcare professionals never lost faith. Their hope is what made walking again possible for me.
  • Narayana

    It was the exceptional care and expertise of the Critical Care team, offering hope and support even in most challenging times.

    Despite my pneumonia getting worse, the doctors offered me hope for a recovery and getting my life back on track

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