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Wounds are a major burden on the healthcare. Wounds are one of the commonest conditions treated by the Plastic Surgeon.

Wounds can be acute or chronic. They usually happen following accidents and injuries resulting in cuts, abrasions or deeper wounds with loss of skin, soft tissue or deeper structures at times. Wounds can also develop following burns, which could be thermal, electric or chemical in nature. Chronic wounds can result from variety of conditions such as diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, peripheral vascular disease, infections, connective tissue disorders. These are often difficult to treat due to the complexity and associated systemic comorbidities.

Wounds can thus be simple, complex or complicated. Every wound requires timely attention and the appropriate corrective measures and intervention to ensure quick and safe wound healing. Complex wounds need multidisciplinary care for optimal healing.

Individuals who may benefit from the services of a Wound Care Clinic include those with chronic wounds, non-healing wounds, surgical wounds, traumatic wounds, pressure ulcers, and diabetic ulcers.
The specialized care provided in these clinics aims to improve outcomes and enhance the overall well-being of individuals with wounds

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The wound clinic at Gleneagles Hospital, Mumbai has all the elements essential for comprehensive wound care, under one roof.

The Plastic Surgical team here is skilled and capable of performing every possible surgical intervention for wound healing, from basic wound debridement to complex microsurgical procedures to ensure wound healing and limb salvage.

In addition, the department of Plastic Surgery, has the world’s most advanced laser technology, which has made a significant difference in the outcomes and reduced the duration of wound healing.

This will not only reduce the duration of hospital stay, but also make the treatment cost-effective and economical. Timely wound care at the hands of experts can not only save a limb, but also a life.

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