Welcome to Tiara Healing Spaces

Where Luxury Meets Healthcare

Tiara Healing Spaces is a modern healing experience within our hospital, offering a unique, holistic approach to patient care. Combining luxury with cutting-edge medical services, Tiara ensures every aspect of your stay contributes to your healing and well-being. At Tiara, we prioritize patient-centric care, creating a tranquil environment that blends healing with luxury. Our facility sets new standards in patient care, demonstrating how healing and tranquillity can coexist.

Premium Experience

‘Tiara’ features 14 premium residences and 2 presidential suites, each designed to meet the diverse needs of patients and their families. Medical equipment and consumables are seamlessly integrated into the rooms, creating a homely and healing atmosphere. Advanced diagnostic equipment is available at the bedside, supported by integrated care teams and leading clinical experts.

Each room is bathed in natural sunlight and includes a private space for patient attendants and workstations for both patients and their family members, allowing you to maintain your routine during your stay.

Grand Tiara - The Presidential suite spans 900 square feet, offering a luxurious healing space with high-end medical equipment, capable of transforming into a Critical Care Unit. The presidential suites provide a dedicated space for healing and well-being, with a separate ensuite room for family members, ensuring privacy and comfort.

State-of-the-Art Technology

All our suites feature advanced automation systems connected to Alexa, LED lighting, and natural, indigenous materials. Functional amenities and multiple breakout zones for caregivers help them de-stress and provide better care.

Specialized and dedicated Nursing Team

Our dedicated nursing team includes specialists in diabetic care, tissue viability, pain management, and infection control, ensuring comprehensive and personalized care.

Exclusive Amenities on the Floor: 

- Business Center: Equipped with high-speed internet, enabling family members to stay connected and attend urgent work commitments. 

- Tiara Café: An exclusive lounge where family members an meet and relax.

- Fitness Center: Facilities available after consultation with your doctor, allowing you or your loved ones to stay active.

Liked by all

Boman Irani, renowned Bollywood celebrity, who inaugurated the Tiara, expressed his admiration for the thoughtful design, stating, "It is heart-warming to witness the integration of luxury and healthcare, offering patients a holistic healing experience. I believe this initiative will not only uplift the spirits of those seeking medical care but also redefine the standards of patient-centricity in our society."

Medical equipment’s and consumables that are required are available within the room but concealed to ensure familiarity with homely and healing spaces.

Availability of advanced diagnostic equipment on the bedside, integrated care teams and the best clinical experts

Nursing team experts consisting of diabetic nurse, tissue viability nurse, pain management nurse and infection control nurse

Rooms with direct sunlight, a private space for the patient attendant, a work station for both, ensure that your routine life does not stop during your stay in the hospital


Presidential Suite 900 sq ft of healing space, suite fitted with high end medical equipment’s & converted Critical Care unit 

The presidential suites offer a dedicated space for patients to promote healing and well-being.

Separate ensuite room for your family members gives them the space and privacy while you recover in your private space 


Entire electronic amenities in the suite connected to automation systems Alexa 

Small space has provided for your personal PA’s/ support staff

LED lighting, natural and indigenous materials for construction and soft finishes has been used 

Caregivers also primarily feel stressed and to ensure that they have a place to distress, we have added functional amenities and multiple break out zones to help them feel better and care better

Important point

  • Business center

    Business center

    High speed internet for any meetings that family member would want to attend during your stay in the hospital

  • Cafe


    Designed an exclusive lounge where FAMILY can meet and relax

  • Fitness Center

    Fitness Center

    Offers an exclusive fitness center from where you can continue to work out after consultation with your doctor or your loved ones can use the fitness center

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