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Discover Excellence in Healthcare at Gleneagles Hospital Richmond, Bengaluru

Gleneagles Hospital on Richmond Road stands as a specialized, state-of-the-art surgical centre, delivering a wide spectrum of services with a particular emphasis on Cosmetology, Dentistry, Cosmetic procedures, Orthopaedics, Laparoscopic Surgeries, Digestive Surgeries, Urological Surgeries, ENT procedures and surgeries, Spine Surgeries, and the Breast Cancer Clinic. 

Our team of highly skilled specialists is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring every patient experiences the utmost care and comfort. Our primary mission is to offer remarkable healthcare that is tailored to each patient's unique needs, incorporating the latest innovations and cutting-edge technologies in each specialized area.

Within our facility, the Cosmetic Clinic is thoughtfully designed to boost patients' self-confidence and enhance their beauty, while our Breast Cancer Centre provides essential support for individuals facing the challenges of diagnosis and treatment.


We are committed to deliver your health aspirations


    At Gleneagles Hospitals, our vision is to pioneer a premier medical institution that stands at the intersection of innovation and compassion. By bringing together some of the world's foremost clinicians, cutting-edge technologies, and a dedicated team of caregivers, we've set a benchmark in holistic healthcare services.

    While our journey began with an emphasis on Transplants, our commitment has since broadened to encompass a wide array of specialities, keeping Transplant medicine as our cornerstone thus ensuring comprehensive care for all our patients. Today, our reach extends across prominent Indian cities such as Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad, with both tertiary and quaternary care centres ensuring we cater to diverse medical needs.

    As Gleneagles becomes an inspiration for other institutions across India, we remain steadfast in our mission to redefine healthcare standards. This commitment extends beyond our nation's borders, serving patients not only from India but also from regions like Africa, the Middle East, SAARC, and the CIS countries.

    To be the most trusted international healthcare provider.

    At every Gleneagles Hospital, we have reimagined the essence of patient care and their experiences. Our commitment extends beyond medical treatments; it's about providing every patient and their families with tailored and heartfelt care. We ensure our dedicated team, including clinicians, nurses, and support staff, have the resources and environment they need to prioritize the well-being of those in our care.

    We offer an array of advanced treatments spanning diverse disciplines. From Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary and Liver Diseases, Cardiac Sciences, and Neurosciences to Orthopaedics and Joint Replacements, Organ-specific Cancer Care, and Urology and nephrology. Our expertise also encompasses Minimal Access and Bariatric Surgery, Critical Care and Pulmonology, Trauma and Emergency Care, and a myriad of other specialized fields.

    To take exemplary care of our patients anchored around our people who strive to continuously raise the bar in clinical, operational, and service excellence.

Our Core Values

  • Patients First

    Patients First

    We put patients’ needs first

    We put patients’ needs first
  • Integrity


    We do the right thing

    We do the right thing
  • Empathy


    We listen with our hearts

    We listen with our hearts
  • Teamwork


    We are better together

    We are better together
  • Excellence


    We champion continuous improvement and innovation

    We champion continuous improvement and innovation

Our Commitment

We believe trust is the cornerstone of all our relationships and it starts with honouring our commitments. With our people, size, reach, and relentless pursuit of excellence, we commit to making a difference one patient, one family, one touch at a time.

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    To Our Patients and Their Loved Ones

    We will put our patients & needs first and go the extra mile to provide quality and exemplary care.

  • Shareholders
    To Our Shareholders

    We will build long-term sustainable growth and shareholder value.

  • People
    To Our People

    We will build a caring and inspiring environment for our people to succeed and shape the future with us.

  • Partners
    To Our Partners

    We will work together with respect and honesty for mutual benefit.

  • Communities
    To Our Communities

    We will do good beyond our healthcare services.

  • Planet
    To Our Planet

    We will make choices that protect the environment and preserve it for future generations.

On Your Side

On your side,
For all your healthcare needs.

At Gleneagles Hospitals, our patients are the centre of all that we do. We believe things look better when we work on them together. Our care goes beyond diagnosing and treating our patients.

We work with our patients to ensure all their questions are answered and their concerns settled.

We are a modern and reliable healthcare partner that our patients can always count on, every step of the way.


Our Presence

Our journey

Gleneagles Hospitals, established in 1999, marked a pivotal moment in India's medical history with the introduction of the country's first Multi-organ Transplant centre and a cutting-edge Gastroenterology facility in Hyderabad. By 2008, we had expanded our reach by inaugurating state-of-the-art tertiary care centres in Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai. Now, as part of the renowned IHH Healthcare Network, we continue to leverage international expertise, striving for unmatched medical excellence and pioneering leadership in world-class healthcare.

Elevating the Standard of Patient Care

Elevating the Standard of Patient Care

At Gleneagles Hospitals, our commitment isn't just about treatment—it's about delivering unparalleled quality in every facet of patient care. We take immense pride in integrating advanced medical practices with cutting-edge technology, setting a benchmark for excellence. Our ethos is deeply rooted in prioritising patient safety and well-being. This commitment drives us to continually refine our safety protocols, enhance our medical equipment, and update our standard operating procedures. With Gleneagles Hospitals, rest assured you're experiencing top-tier patient care, always ahead of the curve.

Quality Care


Putting Patients First: Rooted in Medical Heritage, Guided by a Vision for Transformation

Champions of Holistic Healthcare & Management, Serving Both India & the Global Community

The heart of Gleneagles Hospitals beats with a management and leadership team deeply rooted in the healthcare realm. These individuals have left indelible marks in the industry and have earned genuine appreciation and recognition which goes beyond their professional commitments. With a deep understanding of the intricacies of healthcare delivery and an innate sense of patient-first service delivery in every decision that is taken, they are dedicated to crafting unparalleled patient experiences. Our collective mission at Gleneagles Hospitals is consistently guided and enriched by the unwavering dedication of this experienced leadership ensemble.


Seamless Healthcare Journeys with a Touch of Excellence.

At Gleneagles Hospitals, every facet is tailored to ensure patients receive care that is both exceptional and compassionate. We pride ourselves on processes that seamlessly merge advanced medical practices with state-of-the-art technology. Our ethos is centred on patient safety and well-being. Through regular enhancements to safety protocols and equipment, we remain dedicated to offering a patient experience that's always ahead of the curve.

At Gleneagles Hospitals, Quality isn't an Act, It's a Habit.

  • Our Quality Commitment Manifested.

    Embarking on a journey of excellence in healthcare with an unwavering commitment to continuous quality progression.

    Achieving and surpassing global healthcare standards through an amalgamation of quality systems and evidence-based medicine.

    Operating in synergy across multiple locations, ensuring our patients benefit from a seamless, exceptional experience.

    Cultivating a pervasive culture of quality and safety, ensuring all facilities meet our high standard of care.

  • Our Priorities for Advancing Quality Care.

    Harmonizing systems, processes, policies, and procedures throughout our hospitals.

    Embracing and implementing International Patients' Safety Standards.

    Advancing patient care with Computerised Physician Order Entry and comprehensive Electronic Health Records, minimizing human errors.

    Empowering our staff with training programs, ingraining the principles and practice of qualitative healthcare.


Quality Standards

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    Empowering Through Education

    At the heart of Gleneagles Hospitals is the commitment to nurture continuous learning and knowledge dissemination, ensuring our team stays abreast of the latest in healthcare. This not only enriches their professional journey but also ensures our patients receive the most up-to-date care.

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    Prioritising Patient Well-being

    Our foremost responsibility is to ensure the complete well-being of our patients. Comprehensive safety measures are in place to minimize any potential health risks or accidents, ensuring a secure healing environment.

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    Crafting Safe Healing Spaces

    Gleneagles Hospitals is dedicated to fostering both a safe and comforting environment. This emphasis ensures that our patients can focus on their recovery, while our staff operates in a conducive and secure workspace.

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    Excellence in Infrastructure

    At Gleneagles Hospitals, our commitment to patient-first care extends to our infrastructure and equipment. Rigorous checks and transparent maintenance ensure that we uphold the highest standards of quality and safety in every corner of our facility.

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    Relentless Pursuit of Excellence

    We consistently evaluate our quality control measures, ensuring that the care we offer not only meets but exceeds the standards our patients expect. This unwavering focus on excellence underlines our commitment to every individual's well-being.

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    Embracing Constructive Feedback

    At Gleneagles Hospitals, every voice matters. We've established a responsive feedback mechanism that allows stakeholders - from patients and caregivers to doctors - to share their insights, helping us refine and elevate our standards of care.


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    Indian Standard for Hospital Accreditation

    Gleneagles Hospitals is accredited by the National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers, a constituent body under the Quality Council of India overseeing the quality parameters of the healthcare sector. The accreditation is proof of the world-class standards at Gleneagles Hospitals, ensuring the delivery of advanced patient care. Accreditation by the Board is a public testament to the standards practiced by a healthcare institution that has been demonstrated via an independent and external peer assessment program; and speaks of the institution’s overall performance regarding the expected standards. Accreditation instils a greater level of confidence amongst each of the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem – primarily the patient community. Certification by NABH not only recognizes the existing levels of standards but also provides a commitment to the continuation of the same standards. There is a greater impetus on patient rights and responsibilities and overall patient experience is periodically assessed. Our accreditation is also beneficial to insurers and third parties as it allows them to place a greater level of trust and confidence in the information, facilities and infrastructure on offer.

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