Parkway Indian Operations Summit 2016

Parkway Indian Operations Summit 2016
Hyderabad, L.B. Nagar

The Parkway India Operations Division, the fourth home-country for Parkway Pantai, descended on a beautiful cold November morning in Hyderabad, on a common ground over November 25-26 2016, with a Focus on High-performance work culture.

Regardless of the diversity of the country on its language, attire, cuisine, weather and ethnicity, Parkway India Operations division employees realize that service in an essential-services industry like hospital and healthcare needs a significant amount of standardization of processes – that brings about consistency, assurance and vision of a team committed to excellence in this space.
The key operations, quality and support-function employees from Gleneagles Hospitals, Continental Hospitals and Parkway Healthcare India Private Limited came together for the first time, with a commitment on creating a high-performing culture, characterized by an ability to align, execute and renew.
The culture of a health care organization can powerfully influence its ability to manage human resources and serve patients, and ultimately has a strong impact on its economic performance, as per Kotter and Heskett’s seminal writing in Corporate culture and performance (1992) – and the 2016 India Operations Division Summit was about building a common perspective and awareness on this organizational culture as a shared value system intended to guide individuals, teams and the organization on collective problem-solving, managing relations, adapt to the external environment as a post-merger common entity.

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