Gleneagles Hospital, Parel Unites for Organ Donation Awareness in Tata Marathon Dream Run

Mumbai, Parel

Gleneagles Hospital, Parel, made significant strides in the Tata Marathon Dream Run, uniting participants and supporters for a noble cause: spreading awareness about organ donation. The event was a vibrant display of solidarity, as staff, patients, and community members came together to champion the importance of organ donation. Their collective efforts highlighted the urgent need for donors and underscored the hospital's commitment to saving lives through this vital cause.

Every step taken in the marathon symbolized a step towards a healthier future and a testament to the power of community action. By participating in this event, Gleneagles Hospital not only raised awareness but also inspired countless individuals to consider becoming organ donors, potentially saving many lives. The marathon was more than just a run; it was a powerful movement towards hope, compassion, and life-saving generosity. 🏃‍♂️💙

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