Uday Sanglodkar
Dr Uday Sanglodkar
Senior Consultant
  • MBBS
  • DNB Internal Medicine
  • DNB Gastroenterology
13 Years
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Dr Uday Sanglodkar, is a Senior Consultant - Hepatology and Liver Transplant with vast experience in hepatology/ transplant Hepatology. His areas of interest include Hepatobiliary diseases, liver intensive care and transplant Hepatology. He has been actively involved in the medical management of more than 5000 hepatology cases including decompensated chronic liver diseases, acute on chronic liver failure and hepatobiliary malignancies. Moreover, he has concrete experience in managing more than 900 post liver transplant patients and critical care management of over 100 Acute Liver Failure patients. He has a special interest in the management of hepatobiliary diseases including malignancies He is an author of many national and international publications which focus on complications of chronic liver diseases. In addition, he is an active member of ISG, INASL, LTSI and ILTS societies.


  • Dr Uday has worked at Rela Institute and Medical centre (RIMC) as a Consultant Hepatologist and Liver Transplant physician and has managed all Chronic liver diseases, pre-transplant and post transplant patients.
  • Dr Uday has worked with the Liver Medical Intensive Care Unit at Gleneagles Hospital, Parel, Mumbai which gave him tremendous exposure to the criticality of liver patients in ICU.
  • Dr Uday has worked as Resident doctor in Medical Gastroenterology, Gleneagles hospital, Chennai.


MBBS, DNB Internal Medicine, DNB Gastroenterology


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