Suresh Raghavaiah
Dr Suresh Raghavaiah
HOD & Sr Consultant - HPB & GI Surgery, & Multi-organ (Liver, Pancreas, Small Intestine) Transplant Surgery
Liver Transplant
  • MBBS
  • MS
  • FHPB (Paris)
  • FASTS (Mayo Clinic
  • USA) Post Doc in Transplant Immunology (Mayo Clinic
  • USA)
21+ Years
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Step into the sphere of surgical mastery, led by the authoritative yet humble Dr Suresh Raghavaiah, our Head of Department and Senior Consultant in Multi-Organ Transplant Surgery, HPB, and GI Surgery. Recognized for achieving one of the highest numbers of Liver and Pancreas transplants in Karnataka and the third highest in India, Dr Suresh stands as a beacon of expertise and dedication in his field.


As the Head of Department, Dr Suresh  stands as the authoritative figure in our pursuit of surgical excellence. His role isn't merely administrative; it's a testament to his lifelong dedication to ensuring every patient receives the highest standard of care in Multi-Organ Transplantation, HPB, and GI Surgery. In the intricate landscape of surgical precision, Dr Suresh commands respect, seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge surgical solutions.


Choosing Dr Suresh  is not just a decision; it's an acknowledgment of an authoritative guide in your surgical journey. His consultations transcend routine medical discussions; they are personalized dialogues where your concerns are met with the precision and humility befitting a surgeon of his stature. Dr Suresh invites you into a realm where every surgery, from transplants to complex procedures, is approached with an authoritative yet caring touch—dedicated to your health.


  • MS : St Johns Medical College, Bangalore
  • Fellowship in Minimally Invasive Hepato-Pancreatico-Biliary Surgery : Paris
  • Post Doc research in Transplant Immunology : Mayo Graduate School, USA
  • Fellowship in Abdominal Multi-organ Transplant : Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA

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