Sumana Y
Dr Sumana Y
Consultant -Wellness Specialist
Family Medicine
  • MBBS
  • MD
11 Years
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Step into a realm of contemporary healthcare led by the dynamic Dr Sumana, our vibrant Consultant specializing in Wellness and Family Medicine. Dr Sumana isn't just a young doctor; she is a trailblazer in redefining holistic health, focusing on well-being that extends beyond the clinical setting.


As a Consultant in Wellness and Family Medicine, Dr Sumana brings a fresh perspective to healthcare, seamlessly blending modern approaches with compassionate family-centered care. Her youth is an asset, symbolizing a connection with evolving health needs and a commitment to progressive, patient-centric solutions.


Choosing Dr Sumana is choosing a partner in your family's journey to comprehensive well-being. Her consultations are more than just medical discussions; they are conversations where your family's health goals become shared objectives. Dr. Sumana invites you into a realm where youth meets expertise, fostering an immediate connection based on trust and a shared commitment to your family's health.


Make the informed decision to choose Dr.Sumana, the young consultant whose dedication to wellness and family health ensures that your confidence in her care is the first step toward a future of vibrant, balanced living. Your family's health journey is in the hands of a compassionate and forward-thinking physician.

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