Sowmya K N
Dr Sowmya K N
Consultant - Obstetrician & Gyanecologist
Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • MBBS
  • MS (OBG)
  • FMAS
16+ Years
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Embark on a journey of personalized care and empowerment with Dr Sowmya, our lead Consultant in Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Fertility. Dr Sowmya is not just a doctor; she is a navigator of your unique health path, fusing tailored expertise with a commitment to your well-being.


In the role of lead consultant, Dr Sowmya steers our mission to redefine women's healthcare with a focus on your individual journey. Her dedication extends beyond clinical excellence, representing a commitment to ensuring each patient experiences personalized and transformative care. In the intricate landscape of women's health, Dr Sowmya stands as a guide, seamlessly blending modern medical practices with a personalized touch.


Choosing Dr Sowmya is choosing a partner in your unique health journey. Her consultations transcend routine medical discussions; they are dialogues tailored to your needs, where concerns are met with a personalized approach that defines lead consultant care. Dr Sowmya invites you into a realm where every medical decision is approached with a personalized touch—precise, impactful, and dedicated to your well-being.


Make the empowering choice to select Dr Sowmya, the lead consultant whose personalized approach to Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery, and Fertility ensures that your journey is marked by individualized care, understanding, and a commitment to your enduring well-being. Your women's health path is entrusted to the hands of a compassionate and empowering leader, dedicated to ensuring every aspect of your care is marked by a genuine spirit of medical excellence.

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