Mohnish P
Dr Mohnish P
Consultant & Lead
Interventional Radiology
  • MBBS
  • MD
  • Fellowship in IR
6 Years
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Dr Mohnish has an overall experience of 5 years and is currently working as a Senior Registrar in Interventional Radiology at Gleneagles Global Health City. He performed procedures like TIPS and TARE, under supervision. He has been part of inter-hospital IR meetings and case discussions held in other hospitals and venues in Bangalore, Karnataka. His position as a Senior Registrar in the department of Interventional Radiology involved performing i) Vascular interventional procedures like Pseudoaneurysms coiling, Bronchial artery embolisation, Traumatic arterial bleed embolisation, Transjugular liver biopsies. ii) Non – vascular CT and USG guided procedures: Microwave ablation of Liver tumours and Colorectal metastases, RF ablation of Osteoid osteomas, biopsies, drainages, nerve blocks. iii) Fluoroscopic procedures like Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary drainages (PTBD), Percutaneous Nephrostomies (PCN). Apart from the Interventional procedures, he also performed routine diagnostic reporting in all modalities. He has presented various e-posters and e-presentations. As a part of community welfare, he has been part of the women’s health program.


  • Currently

Senior Registrar In Interventional Radiology, Gleneagles Global Health City

  • August 2017 to April 2018

Specialist In Interventional Radiology At Manipal Hospitals

  • July 2016 to August 2017

Fellow In Interventional Radiology And Interventional Oncology At BGS Global Hospitals

  • June 2015 to June 2016

Senior Residency In Radiology At Pondicherry Institute Of Medical Sciences


MBBS, MD, Fellowship in Interventional Radiology


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  • Osteochondroma of the scaphoid in a 5-year-old child: A rare case report Journal of Current Research in Scientific Medicine. 2. 120. 10.4103/2455-3069.198372
  • Interactive Audio-Visual Symposium: An Effective Mode of Health Education, Journal of Research in Medical Education & Ethics, November 2015, Volume 5, No.3, PP 217 219

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