Lakshman I K
Dr Lakshman I K
Sr Consultant - Spine Surgeon
Neuro and Spine Surgery
  • MBBS
  • MS (Gen Surgery)
  • MCh (Neurosurgery)
19 Years
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Embark on an unwavering journey of transformative spinal care led by Dr Lakshman, our eminent Senior Consultant and assertive lead surgeon in the realm of spine surgery. Dr Lakshman isn't just a doctor; he is the embodiment of a seasoned leader, armed with profound knowledge and an assertive commitment to your spinal well-being.


In the role of Senior Consultant and lead surgeon, Dr Lakshman spearheads our mission to redefine spinal surgery with an unyielding focus on impactful outcomes. His role transcends mere clinical excellence, symbolizing a lifelong dedication to ensuring each patient experiences the pinnacle of transformative care. In the intricate landscape of spinal health, he stands as an assertive guiding force, seamlessly blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge solutions.


Choosing Dr Lakshman is choosing an assertive ally in your journey to spinal health. His consultations go beyond routine medical discussions; they are assertive dialogues where your concerns are met with a level of expertise that defines senior surgical care. He invites you into a realm where every surgical decision is approached with an assertive senior consultant's touch—precise, impactful, and resolutely dedicated to your health.


Make the empowering choice to select Dr Lakshman, the lead surgeon whose assertive approach to Spine Surgery ensures that your confidence in his care is the initial step toward a future of enduring spinal well-being. Your spinal journey is entrusted to the hands of a compassionate yet assertive leader, committed to ensuring every aspect of your care is marked by a genuine spirit of medical excellence.


  • MBBS (1995 - 2005) : Kempegowda Insitute of Medical Sciences 
  • MS (General Surgery) ( 2007 - 2010) : Kasturba Medical College, Manipal university Mangalore      
  • MCh (Neurosurgery) (2012 - 2015) : Kasturba Medical College , Manipal University-Aug 2012 – July 2015 


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