Hemant H R
Dr Hemant H R
HOD and Sr Consultant Critical Care
Critical Care
  • MBBS
  • MD
  • FNB
29+ Years
Language Spoken
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Step into a realm of unparalleled care orchestrated by Dr Hemant H R, the luminary Head of Department and Senior Consultant of Critical Care. As the custodian of life-governing decisions,  Dr Hemant's leadership transforms our hospital into a true citadel of excellence in tertiary care.


Beyond being a seasoned medical professional, Dr Hemant embodies the spirit of compassion that transcends boundaries. His journey in Critical Care is not merely a profession; it's a profound commitment to guiding patients through the intricate paths of healing with unwavering dedication.


Choosing our hospital with Dr Hemant at the helm signifies opting for a haven where expertise meets empathy. His years of experience, coupled with a compassionate approach, define a sanctuary for critical health situations. Dr Hemant's leadership is not just about managing illnesses; it's about navigating through challenges with resilience and heart.


Under Dr Hemant's stewardship, our Critical Care Department has become a beacon of hope, drawing patients from near and far. Your decision to place your trust in our hospital is more than a choice; it's a recognition of  Dr Hemant's leadership, a vote of confidence in a haven of excellence, and an immediate connection to a healthcare journey that prioritizes not just survival but thriving. Welcome to a space where his expertise becomes your beacon of hope and healing.

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