Gourishankar M
Dr Gourishankar M
Consultant Critical Care
Critical Care
  • MBBS
  • MD (Anesthesiology)
14+ Years
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Step into a sanctuary of healing crafted by the compassionate expertise of Dr Gourishankar Reddy, our revered Consultant in Critical Care. In the realm of medical complexities, he doesn't just diagnose; he extends a gentle hand to guide you through your journey to recovery.


As the heart of our Critical Care department, Dr Gourishankar embodies a commitment that transcends medicine. He doesn't merely treat ailments; he lends an empathetic ear to your concerns, making your struggles his own. Choosing our hospital under his compassionate guidance isn't just a healthcare decision; it's an embrace of warmth and understanding.


Dr Gourishankar's approach is more than professional expertise; it's a philosophy rooted in empathy. In his care, you're not a patient; you're a unique narrative, and every intervention is tailored to your needs. The hospital, under his compassionate stewardship, transforms into a haven where healing is profound, touching not just the body but the spirit.


Entrust your health to Dr Gourishankar, where every breath of compassion merges seamlessly with medical precision. This is more than a hospital; it's a sanctuary where his caring hands redefine the healing experience. Welcome to a haven where compassion and expertise converge for your well-being.

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