Arun G
Dr Arun G
HOD and Sr Anesthesiologist
Kidney Transplant
  • MBBS
  • MD
  • PDCC
16+ Years
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Welcome to a realm of unparalleled healthcare, meticulously guided by the eminent Dr. Arun, our esteemed Head of Department and Senior Anesthesiologist. As the luminary at the helm, Dr Arun transforms our hospital into a beacon of excellence, particularly in the pivotal field of Anesthesiology.


In his capacity as the Head of the Anesthesiology Department, Dr Arun is the guardian of safety and comfort, orchestrating an environment where every patient's journey is marked by precision, care, and unwavering commitment. His visionary leadership makes our hospital a true center of excellence, where medical encounters transcend routine protocols, epitomizing a commitment to the highest standards of healthcare.


Choosing our hospital under the stewardship of Dr Arun is choosing an assurance of well-being. His role extends far beyond administering anesthesia; it embodies an unwavering dedication to ensuring each patient feels secure, understood, and cared for. Dr Arun's consultations are more than medical interactions; they are personalized dialogues where patient concerns are met with a unique blend of empathy, expertise, and commitment that defines our medical ethos.


Make the empowered choice to entrust your care to Dr Arun, the lead architect of safety and well-being in our hospital. His dynamic approach to Anesthesiology ensures that your journey within our medical center is marked by the assurance of a true center of excellence – a place where expertise meets empathy, and your trust in our care is the cornerstone of your health and comfort.

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