Aditya Nanavati
Dr Aditya Nanavati
Senior Consultant
HPB Surgery
  • MBBS
  • MS
  • Fellowship in Abdominal Transplant Surgery (Duke University
  • USA)
16 Years
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Dr Aditya J. Nanavati, is Senior Consultant - Liver, Pancreas and Intestine Transplant & HPB Surgery. He has performed several firsts in Western India namety Living Donor Paediatric Small Intestine Transplant, Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas Transplant and Small Bowel Transplant. His special interest lies in Cadaveric and Living donor liver transplantation, Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas transplantation, Multi-visceral Transplantation, Complex HPB surgeries and Re-operative abdominal surgery. After completing his Masters in Surgery in India he went ahead for his Fellowship in Abdominal Transplantation and Hepatobiliary Surgery at Duke University Health System, Durham, North Carolina, USA. He is also the Editor for Gastrointestinal Surgery Series, Oxford University Publishers.


  • Dr Aditya J. Nanavati has worked as Consultant, Multi-organ Transplant and Hepatobiliary Surgery, at Jupiter Hospitals, Thane.
  • He before returning to India has worked as Fellow in the Division of Abdominal Transplant, Department of Surgery, Duke University Medical Center, USA


  • 1st Living donor pediatric small intestine transplant
  • 1st Simultaneous Kidney-Pancreas Transplant in Mumbai
  • 1st Small Bowel Transplant in Maharashtra/Western India
  • Distinction in Pharmacology and Microbiology in second year MBBS at University Exams, 2006.
  • 1st prize in Annual Medical quiz held at K.J.Somaiya Medical College and Research Centre, 2008 and 2009 (two years in a row)
  • 1st prize in Annual Medical Debate at K.J.Somaiya Medical College and Research Centre, 2008
  • 3rd in Batch in Final MBBS university exams, 2009 Top 5th percentile in Medical School Board Exams
  • 2nd (99th percentile) in the state of Maharashtra, Surgery Board exams, 2013
  • Best Poster (in category), Indian Association of Surgical Gastroenterologists Conference, 2014


MBBS, MS, Fellowship in Abdominal Transplant Surgery (Duke University, USA)


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