Prashanth R Reddy
Dr Prashanth R Reddy
Sr Consultant - ENT & Endoscopic Skull Base Surgeon
Ear, Nose and Throat
  • MBBS
  • MS (ENT)
17 Years
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Embark on a journey to optimal ear, nose, and throat health guided by Dr Prashanth R Reddy, our distinguished Senior Consultant and expert ENT Surgeon. Dr Prashanth is not just a practitioner; he's a guardian of your sensory well-being, combining profound experience with a compassionate touch.


As a Senior Consultant ENT Surgeon, Dr Prashanth's expertise extends beyond medical precision. His seniority is a testament to a wealth of experience dedicated to ensuring your ear, nose, and throat health. Beyond addressing ailments, Dr Prashanth is committed to creating a trusting partnership with each patient.


Choosing Dr Prashanth is choosing a trusted advisor in your journey to optimal ENT health. His consultations are not routine appointments. He is a distinguished E.N.T. & Endoscopic Sinus and Skull Base Surgeon based in Bangalore, leading a team of skilled E.N.T. health professionals at Gleneagles Kengeri. His extensive education includes an M.B.B.S & M.S. (E.N.T.) from Bangalore Medical College, followed by specialized training at the renowned Jain ENT Hospital in Jaipur under the mentorship of Prof Dr Satish Jain. Further enhancing his expertise, he completed a Fellowship in Rhinoplasty in Seoul, South Korea, under the guidance of Professor Dr. Dong-Hak Jung.

Setting him apart from others, Dr. Prashanth is a Rhinologist with a profound focus on sinus care. His additional year of fellowship after residency in ear, nose, and throat surgery equipped him with advanced surgical techniques and specialized management of sinus patients, making him one of the few in Bangalore with such comprehensive Rhinology training. Known for his innovative approaches, Dr Prashanth has garnered attention from prestigious newspapers for the remarkable recoveries of his patients. 

Patients turn to Dr Prashanth for a spectrum of sensory issues, from smell, hearing, taste, vision, to breathing and balance. His commitment to enhancing the quality of life is reflected in his philosophy – “E.N.T. health – ENTry for better senses.” Understanding the profound impact of sensory impairments on daily life, he addresses a range of concerns, including infections, inflammations, sinusitis, headaches, allergic rhinitis, and snoring in both adults and children.

Dr Prashanth specializes in scar-free nose, ear, and throat surgeries, offering surgical solutions for conditions like migraines, nose blocks, snoring, voice changes, goiter, and pituitary issues. With a track record of conducting medical camps abroad and engaging in humanitarian aid, he stands as an inspiration for young E.N.T. doctors.

His dedication lies in delivering the highest quality treatment, improving overall wellness, and reducing morbidity due to E.N.T. conditions. When choosing a professional for your procedure, ensure it's with the best, Dr Prashanth  Reddy, a doctor committed to excellence and the highest level of training.; they are personalized discussions where your concerns are not only heard but deeply understood. He invites you into a realm where medical expertise meets genuine empathy, fostering an immediate connection based on trust and shared dedication to your well-being.

Make the informed decision to choose Dr Prashanth, where your confidence in his care is the first step towards a healthier, more harmonious life. In his hands, your sensory health becomes a priority, and your journey to lasting well-being begins with a senior consultant who truly cares.

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